Post-Election LOL’s – Because I Can.

For the past few months, I’ve had conservatives tell me that Republicans were going to win the Presidency, the Senate, and keep the House.  Lots of pundits pointed out all sorts of facts to justify that, along with talking about the huge money advantage the conservative super PAC’s had.   Yesterday, they learned a lesson.

They didn’t think much of the ground game, which they should have

and thought the enthusiasm would be less

… and it wasn’t.

Today they’re going back over what they didn’t see, and wondering what went wrong.  As for me?



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4 responses to “Post-Election LOL’s – Because I Can.

  1. Vic78

    The other side is pretty damn stupid. Ross Perot should’ve taught everyone it’s not all about your money. I’ll take a couple weeks off to figure out how to purge the stupid from the house. Lol at Paul Ryan being wonky. Lol at anyone believing the current crop of republicans are electable on the big stage.

    • I think one of the “messages” that the electorate sent was the number of Tea Party “favorites” who got sent home. I’m sure some of them will make more money as “pundits” on various right-wing sites, though. 🙄 The far-right candidate the Republicans ran for Senator here couldn’t even carry my county – which is the first time a Republican hasn’t done so.

  2. Now they’re scratching their head that only 72% of the electorate was white. It seems many whites in rural GOP areas stayed home, even in states like Wisconsin. So maybe there was an enthusiasm gap, but…

    • Which actually is more in line with the 2008 turn-out than the 2010 that some polling firms (Gallup) were basing their “likely voter” models on.