#Romneyshambles Redux

Back in July, Mitt Romney went on an overseas trip to three U.S. allies.  The trip was, to put it mildly, not one of his better moments.  Within a day of landing in Britain, he’d managed irritate both the Prime Minister and the Mayor of London, along with a great many Britons.  In Israel, he managed to not only irritate the local press, he also blew off a meeting with the leader of the main opposition party. In Poland, one of his staff was … rude … to the press.  It was not a great start for him on the international stage.  Instead of showing himself prepared to be a world leader, instead it inspired a new term:  Romneyshambles.   I was reminded of that watching the final debate on Monday night

The consensus was that he lost, but while various pundits are scoring it “on points,” the problem wasn’t just that Obama “outpointed” him.  He did worse than that.  Romney was backtracking on his own previous positions, ending up saying, in effect, “I’d do what he’s doing, just … better.  Somehow.”

Romney at times sounded like a cheerleader for Obama’s foreign policies — almost like he was Obama’s secretary of state and not Hillary Clinton.

Even when he did try to use various right-wing talking points, he got smacked down, including this memorable one:

“You mention the Navy, for example, and that we have fewer ships than we did in 1916. Well governor, we also have fewer horses and bayonets,” Obama said during the final presidential debate. “We have these things called aircraft carriers and planes land on them. We have these ships that go underwater, nuclear submarines.”

“It’s not a game of battleship where we’re counting ships, it’s ‘What are our capabilities?'”

In the end, Mitt Romney looked unprepared and out of his depth when it comes to foreign policy.   He came out of this debate looking like he has no clear idea of what his foreign policy is.  He’s either reading off whatever is currently in vogue with the conservative press, or he’s in favor of what Obama is doing – at the same time.

On foreign policy, the subject of Monday night’s final presidential debate, he had little coherent to say and often sounded completely lost. That’s because he has no original ideas of substance on most world issues, including Syria, Iran and Afghanistan.

…. At his worst, Mr. Romney sounded like a beauty pageant contestant groping for an answer to the final question. “We want a peaceful planet,” he said. “We want people to be able to enjoy their lives and know they’re going to have a bright and prosperous future and not be at war.”

Which is why most of the world prefers to see President Obama re-elected.   To me, what is most frightening about Romney is not his foreign policy, or lack thereof.  It’s that even after finding out how poorly prepared he was on his first overseas tour, he didn’t bother to learn anything from it.   This debate showed that, and if he’s elected, we may be treated to four years of Romneyshambles.  The “apology tour” may be his, because he’ll have to go back to apologize for the first time.



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8 responses to “#Romneyshambles Redux

  1. You certainly captured the essence of Romney ! He’d be a disaster and four years of leadership as a surprise party.

  2. aquagranny911

    Another great diary, Kiddo. I’m so tired I can’t make sense anymore. When all this is over & we turn AZ blue, after my Snoop Dance of Joy, I plan to sleep for about 2 or 3 days maybe ♥

  3. Vic78

    I always assumed it would be difficult to debate the incumbent on foreign policy. It’s been PBO’s job to stay on top of everything going on in the world. The challenger is coming from a position of ignorance and inexperience. Romney acts as if he didn’t know he was the sacrificial lamb sent to be slaughtered. I’d hate to have to run against the guy that killed the boogeyman while putting Trump in his place. On top of that the party Romney’s lined up with is stacked with jerkoffs.

    On a side note, I’m thinking of being a con man. There’s a sucker born every minute and some of them are billionaires. Santorum and Gingrich convinced these guys to spend money on their hopeless campaigns. The sky’s the limit with these guys. You couldn’t convince me to vote for Santorum. I had a hunch his time as an elected official is done. Newt’s somebody that children should mock on the street. “Look mom, something’s wrong with that guy.” “Shut up, Billy. You know you shouldn’t laugh at people like him.” I believe I’d set for ten lifetimes with the billionaire clowns.

    • One of the things any challenger to an incumbent normally does is to demonstrate that they won’t make things worse, and that they do have an understanding of the world. Romney’s demonstrated neither of those two things.

      As to “a fool and his money…” 🙄 I think you could probably make some big money off of Donald Trump. Just offer him Obama’s college transcripts. 😉

      • Vic78

        Being seen with that guy would really cramp my style. I could probably make it as one those “blacks” he has a great relationship with. Being with his daughter would compensate for the style cramping.

  4. Snoring Dog Studio

    It seemed to me during that debate that Romney learned about foreign policy in a week or so and he learned it by reading Obama’s website. The ridiculous platitudes were the substance of Romney’s foreign policy. He wanted to talk about the economy, yet foreign policy is TIED to the economy. The man is not prepared to lead this country. He does not understand that you can’t operate in the foreign policy arena like a CEO. What a disaster he’d be.