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Did you know that if you put the phrase “mathematically impossible” into Google, it returns a screen full of articles about Romney’s tax plans?

But, he says he has six studies to prove his plan works!  It’s just that … they’re not quite all they seem:

The studies have been called into question for weeks now, as only one or two of them are actually academic. The rest are blog posts and op-eds, some written by the same author, others by conservative sources. One study cited was actually paid for by the campaign itself, though the campaign has since replaced that study with another.

In other words, only two of them could be called “studies,” the rest are “opinions,”  which have a lot of caveats built in, at that.   After looking them over, other economists and reporters came out with their opinion of his plans.

He’s not the only one on the ticket with … credibility issues.  His running mate, Paul Ryan, has also been busily spinning, attacking things he proposed, wanting to privatize Social Security, and generally not being real clear on what exactly cuts would be made to pay for their secret tax cuts.  Considering that he’s been one considered one of the “intellectuals” of the House Republicans,  it leads me to conclude he’s getting his ideas from a different place.



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7 responses to “Sunday Stuff

  1. aquagranny911

    LOL! That one pic looked more like bear shit than bull shit to me. When I lived in Northern CA we had a wandering bear that often left presents like that in our yard. But caca is caca.

    I want to share good news. AZ is really starting to look blue. I’ve been canvassing this weekend & we are really stoked here. Our early ballots were mailed out this week.

    • No, it’s definitely bovine. My brother-in-law was a dairy farmer, and I spent my teen years next door to a dairy farm. In my current work, I get to see a lot of bear droppings as well. 😉

      • aquagranny911

        ♥ I will concede this to an expert but I will maintain that caca is caca no matter where it comes from. Enjoyed the diary.

  2. Vic78

    The Romney/Ryan ticket was exposed last week. I thought they took their time vetting VP candidates. Maybe Mitt’s too slow to care. It’s difficult to come up with a sensible platform when your party has been against everything the president has proposed. You’re left with tea billy propositions that don’t stand up to scrutiny. Romney would have been better off picking a retired general.

  3. Ed Gillespie thinks the American Enterprise Institute is nonpartisan?

    And they wonder why we claim they are detached from reality.

    • Yup. Not only that, but if you look at the “studies” (which aren’t), they have to make several unrealistic assumptions to make it work at all. If economists should have learned anything over the past 30+ years, it’s that just cutting tax rates does not mean sufficient growth in the economy to cover the reduced revenue. 🙄

  4. Chris Wallace on Fox called Gillespie out on those “studies.” It was even too much for Fox News!