Caturday Blogging

It’s been a busy week on the political front.  Various Republican pundits have been spinning rapidly, trying to explain Mitt Romney’s poll numbers.  The explanations range from “polling bias,” to “It’s Mitt Romney,” to “Their message.”   I lean towards the latter, with a dose of “Mitt.”  After watching other Republicans in action,  I do have a change of opinion.

I’m sure they thought that this election would be a “slam dunk.”  After all, as Ann Romney said, “it’s our turn.”

Which of course, showed a remarkable willingness to ignore that the other party might have something to say about that, and that the American people might not appreciate everything that the Republican Party is trying to push as an agenda.

Which has led to recriminations and re-evaluation of their hopes

Still, they keep on trying

and try to spin the news that things are really in their favor

despite their presidential candidate having a “likability problem”

which is possibly related to reactions to his interactions with the public

or his attitude

He’s not being helped by other candidates of his party, who have a “perception problem” of their own,

by making statements or doing something that creates a furor

Still, there’s a chance Mitt Romney could resuscitate his campaign

although more analysts are pessimistic about that.

Well, it’s time to wrap this up

Yes.  Schadenfreude!



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6 responses to “Caturday Blogging

  1. aquagranny911

    Hola Norbrook! I’ve been busy. Did you miss me?

    Great diary & you can add Miss Ann’s recent statement about worrying for Mitty’s “mental well being” if he gets elected. That really increased my confidence! (snark)

    This is cool. I got to see the Prez when he visited Golden CO. What an experience! I’ve been doing a lot for OFA but will really be diving into the local races here in these coming weeks. We’ve got a great senate candidate in Rich Carmona & some solid Dems up for Reps. We are doing our best to turn AZ blue.

    Hope all is well with you ♥

  2. Vic78

    They’ve gotten away with their nonsense for so long that they think they could do it against the O-train. The GOP and their tea-tard buddies left Mitt with nothing to work with. They spent the last four years being against everything the president was for. They even acted against their own ideas. It’s all on the public record. Romney thought Obama was going to let all that slide. The GOP suffers from what I call being stupid. They willfully screwed themselves and act like everything’s fine. They’re throwing their support behind legitimate rape guy. How is that a good idea?

    It’s like Jay said years ago, “alibis not matching up, bullshit catching up,….and it was all good just a week ago.” I forgive ’em. Politics just ain’t for them.

  3. That hairless cat looks frightening.