A Pictorial Evaluation of Mitt’s Very Bad Times

It’s been a rough few weeks for Mitt Romney.   He thought he had a winning strategy, which turned out to have some … problems.

First was the Libya blunder which was then followed by the release of tapes where he let his real opinions show.

Which met with a common reaction

And particularly once it was pointed out where those 47% he wasn’t concerned about lived

Which Romney tried to “explain” and then doubled down on.  After examining it, the overall reaction was

leading some to suggest a course of action for Republicans

as supporters’ enthusiasm seemed to wane

That’s because Romney made a mistake

But then again, there’s always someone who doesn’t mind!



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7 responses to “A Pictorial Evaluation of Mitt’s Very Bad Times

  1. Vic78

    Mitt’s biggest mistake was running as a republican. I couldn’t find a way to beat Obama with the way the GOP’s constructed. You couldn’t act like they weren’t there. The teabillies were out in full force and they were going to be heard.

    If anyone is out there feeling sorry for Mitt, take a look at his Bain record and remember that kid he terrorized in high school. He and his wife had it coming. I feel satisfied watching their humiliation. Mom told me to not kick a man when he’s down. So, I’m going to throw rocks at him.

    • The Onion has (of course) one of the best takes on the Romney video: Romney Still In Hot Water After Reading GOP Platform Verbatim

      No, I don’t feel sorry for him. He made his bed, now he has to lie (and oh, does he lie!) in it.

    • majiir

      The Atlantic had a superb article recently on why the GOP is having the problems it is currently having to grapple with, Vic, and it is because the members of the party refuse to face facts and allow themselves to be exploited by money grubbers and lying politicians like D’Souza, Gingrich, and Palin. Although the article contains some hard truths about the GOP and its’ members, I just don’t see them or the party as being willing to take good advice and put it to use. The GOP has permitted itself to be taken over by Tea Party extremists, and imo, they seem to love it.

      Wonderful post, Norbrook! Love it! Although the polls seem to have solidified, Romney keeps trucking on, believing that he’s sure to win in November when all signs at this point seem to indicate that all he has left to do is throw in the towel. I’ve heard him and some pundits say that the debates could make a huge difference, but I’ve also been reading that electoral history shows that the debates have very little impact on voters. Romney really hamstrung himself with his 47% comment. He intended it to be a smear against democrats, but it turns out that it also offended some republicans and independents, too. That he didn’t know that he was mainly disparaging his base shows that he had no idea that red states receive more from the federal government than they pay into it. This little bit of info would seem to be something that one who is running for POTUS would know.

      • The debates will only change things if one of the candidates pulls a major blunder.. Unfortunately for Romney, based on the past record, he is likely to be the one committing the blunder.

  2. Dancer

    I’m saving the little dog w/bone poster to use on November 7th…so want to see the REPUGS go down…then do what PBO asks and encourage the whiners to get busy behind him and PUSH for what they think is important!

  3. Funny. Here’s what Romney should have done. He should have told Rove to go to hell and not paid attention to keeping his base. He should have charted a moderate GOP position and promised to work with Democrats. He should have embraced immigration reform and reform but not repeal of ACA. The reason he didn’t do that is not because he doesn’t believe in those positions — he’ll switch positions on a dime if he thinks its useful. But he’s not a leader. He’s following Rove and others saying it’s a “base election,” and he’s afraid to piss off the right wing (plus he got so used to this stick in the primaries he probably thinks it works). He figured he’d ride the base and discontent with Obama into the Presidency then he’d take over as CEO in chief. But Americans actually look at the man and you can’t just grind over opponents towards the Presidency like you can the GOP primaries.

    • Although I think the “Etch-A-Sketch” comment would have come back to haunt him while doing that, 😉 it might have been something his campaign thought they’d be doing. Instead, he went and welded himself to the base. 🙄

      One of the other really bad assumptions he made is what else you refer to – the “CEO in chief.” He should have known better, having been a governor, but a President is not like the CEO of a business. Romney still acts like a CEO as a candidate, and it’s not earning him a lot of plaudits. 🙄