I’d Like To Correct An Earlier Post

Back in June, I wrote a post about the difference between the Republican Party and the KKK.   In that, I said at the end:

My answer to the question in the title?  The KKK was open about their racism.   Sadly, that’s about the only difference.

Events of this week have caused me to change my mind.

Yes, the Republican National Convention released its lineup of speakers.  One might note the listing of “full on birthers” having prominent roles, even speaking slots at the convention.  Then we have Mitt Romney making a “birther joke” which mainly reads as a “wink and nod” to that particular group.  No, it wasn’t funny, Mitt.

Add in the comments by an RNC official about the governor of New Mexico meeting with Indian tribes (which she’s required to by New Mexico law), the various not-so-subtle dog whistles (sirens, really) being spouted by various Republican candidates around the country, as well as the comments on numerous boards from “conservatives.”

So, after this past week, I’ve realized that I was wrong to say that the only difference was that the KKK was open about its racism because the Republicans now are as well.  So I have to change my conclusion to the only other real differences:  The Republicans don’t wear robes and hoods, and burn crosses.  Yet.



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4 responses to “I’d Like To Correct An Earlier Post

  1. Vic78

    Maybe they don’t know that New Mexico’s governor is GOP. The door’s open if she’d like a change.

    Last week I found out the teabillies wanted to be poll watchers. I’m hoping that one of them comes my way looking for trouble. It’ll be one of my happier days.

  2. foxpup

    I have been watching politics closely this time around, and as someone who is not easily surprised, I’ve can often be seen on my sofa wide eyed, with furrowed brow, and my jaw dropped in shock. It seems we’re in a pretty dark period in our history right now, one characterized by things that were supposed to be way behind us.

    This entry seems more gut and less prose than I am used to on your blog. I am pretty disgusted with what I have seen coming from the Grand Old Party as of late, and it’s seems that you are too. Here’s to hoping things get better before they get worse.

    • Others have pointed out that this generation of Republican strategists have grown up using the Southern Strategy. That is, using various racial “dog whistles” to inflame white resentment and get them to vote Republican. The problem is that in the intervening years, the wingnut faction has taken over much of the party structure. Many of these same people absolutely lost it when they saw a black President.

      Instead of standing up to these factions, their politicians – and their party – has pandered to them, including of all things, the birthers, who are among the nuttiest of the bunch. Any hopes that Mitt would stand up to them, or the party would, just went in the toilet when you look at their lineup of convention speakers, along with Mitt’s “joke.”

  3. There were bits this week – a racist incident with a CNN camera woman, someone saying Ann Romney “looks like a first lady should” (or something like that), and a Pennsylvania delegate angry that a “Mexican” was working at the Epcot Center in the “America” section. The party can’t be held responsible for all their members, but there is a subsection that simply can’t believe that someone like Obama could be President. That’s why they liked Eastwood’s statement “we own America.” He was talking about all citizens, but I think some in the Republican party see it differently.