I Love A Good Story

For the past several years, I’ve been listening to various conservatives tell us how government isn’t necessary, and watched as they tried to cut various programs from state and federal budgets.  After all, it’s all unnecessary.   It’s been inspiring to watch various conservative areas, up to the state level put their beliefs in action.  Why, who wasn’t moved by the citizens of Colorado Springs taking matters into their own hands and going out to fight the wildfires that threatened them?  The stirring story of how the city’s businesses all decided that they could rebuild it on their own?

Down in Florida during all the flooding, we were thrilled by the spectacle of Governor Scott inspiring local citizens to deal with the damage, as the state decided to make do without any federal aid.  More recently, we’re watching the farmers in the Midwest suck it up and scrape by after losing their crops to drought.  Yes, some may have to sell their land, but they all know that’s just the breaks of the free market.

They’re great stories all right, and like most stories, they’re fiction.  None of it happened, which you would have seen if you’d clicked on the links.  Yes, federal firefighters, government agencies took the lead in fighting wildfires.  Governor Scott was asking for federal aid, as are the farmers.   When disaster strikes, when it’s hitting them, suddenly “small government, low taxes” people become socialists.  Yes, they don’t want government workers or government spending money until … they do.

That’s the lesson that most of the far right never seem to get.  They’ll rant about “socialism,” until the moment they’re impacted.   While the Republicans are cutting and snipping the President’s words to fit their “philosophy,” their actions say that yes, they do want government to do things for them.  They want roads, they want weather reports, they want disaster aid, they want the government to spend money on them.   That’s why I’m not a conservative, because you see, I understand that government is necessary, that it can do things that we  – and private industry – can’t do,  and that we need taxes to pay for it.   The conservatives want that, they just don’t want to pay for it.  In other words, they’re freeloaders.



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    Excellent post! Wish there were more on the web like you.