Administrative Note

Starting Friday morning, I’m going to disable commenting here.  This is a temporary measure, which I hope to restore soon.  I’m going to be away for a while, and since I do read every comment – and try to respond to them – it’s easier on me than trying to play catch up.

Update 04/26/12:  Comments are now off.



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3 responses to “Administrative Note

  1. aquagranny911

    Ok, Kiddo. Thanks for telling us. Take care.

  2. sjterrid

    Thank you so much for this site. I will miss your excellent commentary,
    but I know the work you do is very important and hope you have a safe season. Please let us know, when your site is back on-line. I hope you will be able to keep us updated once in a while on BPI.

    • At least until Monday evening, I’m not going to be around. Too much work/family matters mean lots of time away from the Internet. I should also add that depending on my work hours, and what sort of internet access I’m going to get in the field, I may be cutting the time allowed for comments down considerably starting around the end of May.