Just wandering around on a Friday

I was going to write a pithy, analytical evaluation of various political events today, but after several starts and stops, and partial drafts, I’ve decided to punt and just go with some pretty pictures and commentary on my area.   I’ve just returned from a visit down to the central part of New York, and the grass is green, trees are starting to leaf up, flowers are blooming, and it looks like “spring.”  Go 75 miles or more to the north, and things aren’t quite at that stage, so things aren’t quite as pretty as they will be.

Last year at this time, we were dealing with a 500 year flood. We’d had a lot of snow, and it hung on until almost the last week of April.  That’s when a warm front with a very heavy rain (5″) came through and melted it all.  This year, we didn’t have much snow, and it was gone by end of March.   The result is that we’re much drier than usual.

In a normal year at this time, this boat launch dock would be completely floating.   Standing where I was, when I took the picture, would have meant that I was in water up to my knees.

This would be under water, and to give you another picture

The small island to the right should be underwater by two to three feet.  These are water levels you normally see at the end of July, not in the spring.  Right now, things are dry enough that there’s an outdoor open fire ban in place for the state until May 15’th.    In a year we’ve gone from one extreme to the other.   The bright side is that I was able to get a chance to go out and look at my new assignment – last year, they couldn’t get in until the second week of May:

Yes, that’s lower than normal as well.  Still, I probably need to renew my fishing license … there looks to be some great trout fishing there.



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5 responses to “Just wandering around on a Friday

  1. sjterrid

    I’m glad that you are having it easier than last year, but I do hope you get more spring like weather. We are supposed to get a lot of rain this weekend, how is it supposed to be where you are?

    I really like the picture you took of the island, and it certainly looks like that is a great spot for fishing, or at least to stop and look at the view.

    • These are two different lakes in the area. The one in the first 3 pictures are from a lake just to the south of me. It’s an artificial lake, part of the Hudson River flood control system. In normal years, this is when it would be at full capacity – at least 2-3 feet higher. Over the summer and fall, it drops in water level by about 10-12 feet. What you’re seeing there is what it would look like in a dry year, sometime around the middle to end of July. There’s another lake to the south, Great Sacandaga, which is also a part of this flood control system. It’s way down, to the extent it looks almost what it originally was, the Sacandaga River.

      The second two pictures are from where I’m going to be this year. This is an “enhanced lake.” It’s a natural lake that has had a dam put in at the outlet, raising its level by several feet.

  2. Dancer

    Only one more week until I can weep for real when seeing the hills/trees/streams et al of south Central NYS…more and more time spend in FLORIDUH feels like spending time in an ugly prison…and I don’t just mean the population!

  3. Alan Scott

    Here in Pennsylvania we had our first decent rainstorm in months during this last weekend . Our lakes are not in too bad a shape . but our streams are still low for this time of year .

    • Most of our natural lakes look like they’re doing alright, although the streams were on the lower side. Where you really notice the difference is when it comes to the artificial or “enhanced” lakes. I know where the normal level in spring is for the first lake in the pictures, and this isn’t it. It looks more like what I’d see in the middle to end of July, in a somewhat dry year.