Monday Meandering

It’s the start of another week, and yes, the political news has been heating up.

Let’s see.  Rick Santorum is out of the race … sort of …

and is still talking about morality

and what he saw as the consequences

which,  real world data says hasn’t happened.  The Republicans seem to feel that “abstinence education” is an effective strategy, never mind that the states that have that also have the highest rates of teen pregnancy.  Turns out that teens weren’t listening.

But, in general, the reaction to Santorum’s leaving the race was met with relief by many Republicans.

Moving on, the Republicans have released their new “proposed” budget, which is mostly the same as the one that got shot down badly the last time they proposed it.  Still, all the Republicans are out there hyping it.

and just … waving aside … all those independent reports that it would increase the deficit they claim to want to “fix.”  While I’m sure it feeds into whatever worldview they have – reality aside – it’s getting really, really irritating.

and I’m pretty sure they won’t like me angry.



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9 responses to “Monday Meandering

  1. aquagranny911

    Two humor diaries in a row…what a treat! My two favs are the “owl & the pussy cat” butler. I think I’m down to my last half nerve especially since we recently did our 2011 taxes & I discovered that we paid a higher percentage than Robme & other GOP goatfiggers. Of course, I suppose that’s because most of our income was actually earned since Hubby was still working. Now that we are both retired, I suppose we are now “entitled parasites.”

  2. aquagranny911

    Norbrook, Overseasgranny left a comment at TOD saying she could not access your blog from the email notice links. You might want to check with Word Press on this. Others besides her may also be blocked.

    I have your blog directly book marked so have had no problems. I suggested she try to use your “front door” for access this way ♥

    • Rose Weiss

      I accessed through the email with no problem.

    • I think it’s something from her end – I haven’t had any problems accessing the various other WP blogs I subscribe to from the e-mail links.

      • aquagranny911

        That may be. She said she also tried the link at TOD which didn’t work for her either but it worked for me. I gave her the direct link I use from my book marks which I tried out & that also worked. So, we will see. I know she enjoys your blog & has limited time to visit.

        Your followers all ♥ you & never like to miss a diary even if we don’t always comment.

  3. sjterrid

    Thanks for the laugh, Norbrook. My favorites are the rabbit and the owl. I really sympathize with the owl. My contempt for the White House Press Corps and pundits have gotten on my last nerve, and I never listen to the Press Conferences. Why bother when they never ask questions that are relevant.

    • You’re welcome. 😀 I’ve gotten to the point where I rarely read or listen to “the experts” 🙄 because they either get obsessed with some asinine point that doesn’t matter, or they can’t be bothered to check the facts.

      Now that Romney is the assumed nominee, they’re twisting themselves into knots to paint him as a “pragmatic” or a “moderate.” I gather their definition of “pragmatic” is “will constantly lie through his teeth.”

  4. aquagranny911

    Norbrook, overseasgranny askes if you would please email her at:(Redacted) because nothing she has done will let her access your blog & she is very unhappy.

    Sorry, if this is intrusive but I am just the go between here & I am finished now.

    • I sent her an e-mail, but I have no idea of what could be causing it. I haven’t had any issues myself or seen anyone else with problems accessing WordPress blogs, and I can’t find anything mentioned on any of the support forums.