Wednesday Wandering

It’s been a busy week, and it looks like the Republicans are finally getting to the point where it seems that the primary race will be over.   It’s only seemed endless to everyone who has had to watch it.  Admittedly, there’s been a lot of entertainment value watching the gaffes and stumbles, but it’s also disheartening to see the parade of … stupid … that the Republican Party has inflicted on the country.

It appears, after all that, that Mitt Romney will be the candidate.    Although there’s still primaries in the offing, it’s looking like it’s pretty much a done deal.  Now, he has to figure out which Romney is running.

Along with that, he’s also trying to “connect” with the average voter.  He’s not doing very well at it.

It’s mostly because people understand where his interest really lies.

Republicans are in the process of irritating women

with a predictable (to anyone else) backlash.

Along with that, attacks on popular programs

Leading the country to ask one simple question.



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5 responses to “Wednesday Wandering

  1. No kidding, Norbrook. WTF DID happen to the Republicans? They are going to be damn lucky if they even get the 20% of their base voters out, thanks to Romney’s Mormonism. I suspect a big landslide for the President in November, especially since the President has the same ground game he did last time-I tell my sister this all the time-This must have been what it felt like to be a supporter of Reagan in the 1980’s. 🙂 Difference is, Obama is building our country UP, not tearing it down.

    • To me, it’s a cautionary tale for the “purity Left” as well. This is what happens when you allow “purists” to take over the party infrastructure, to the point where you alienate huge swaths of the American public. The Republicans say they’re not ultra-strict literalist Christians, racist, misogynistic, and anti-science. But they’re giving a heck of a good imitation of it.

  2. aquagranny911

    LOVE IT! However, fair warning not to show any more pics of La Bruja Brewer or quotes from Timothy 2:12 & 2:13 or I might have to hunt you down & hurt you. (but just a little because I like you & know you do this only for our own good)

    Some days I wonder if there are Republicans out there just begging for their primaries to stop saying: “I’ll vote for anything just make it stop!”

    This would all be so damn humorous if there were not so much on the line here & the direction of our country in the balance. All I can do is stay, strong, stay positive & work my butt & boots off for PBO & Dems.

  3. aquagranny911

    LOL but I do expect you back here for my real BDay on September 11 & I expect a cake & something special because I have decided to celebrate on MY day for the first time since that awful day when we lost a friend & so many others died. I have been celebrating on Jan 11 ever since but this year I told my family I’m taking my birthday back & I will celebrate on 9/11.

    So you have been warned that I expect cookies, cupcakes, lots more cake, pictures of cats, dogs & all creatures both big & small & more!

    Don’t think I will let you off easy just because I like you or anything like that, plus you so owe me for those last two pics.

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