Well, It’s Just A Theory

One of the … interesting … things to watch has been the massive Bible-pounding going on among the Republican candidates for President.  Yes, they’re stumbling all over themselves trying to prove that they’re “more religious” than the other, pandering for all they’re worth to the religious Right.    One of the things to watch is how many of them are “creationists.”  Seriously, if you ever want to see if someone is unwilling to acknowledge science, just ask them whether they believe in the oxymoronic “creation science.”     Or as Isaac Asimov said:   “Creationists make it sound as though a “theory” is something you dreamt up after being drunk all night.”

It is not an opinion.  A scientific theory is:

A scientific theory comprises a collection of concepts, including abstractions of observable phenomena expressed as quantifiable properties, together with rules (called scientific laws) that express relationships between observations of such concepts. A scientific theory is constructed to conform to available empirical data about such observations, and is put forth as a principle or body of principles for explaining a class of phenomena.

And soon coming to Tennessee.  Yes, Tennessee just passed a law detailing how they want evolution taught.  No, it isn’t the way that biologists teach it, it comprises a heavy dose of “intelligent design” as well.  In looking at the Republicans, and their statements and the laws they want to pass, something else becomes clear.

Because science tends to get in the way of their beliefs

and it’s hard to think before speaking

and while things like this could be … charitably … written off

taken  as a whole, it’s not a good picture.

and its time to

Because science works.  It’s what’s enabled us to get to the moon, visit other worlds, and understand that the world is extraordinary.

it just requires logic, critical thinking, and a willingness to accept the data



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  1. Vic78

    There’s a reason right wing politicians are so obstinate in their stupidity. They have an “active” base. They don’t just vote. They join advocacy groups and even run for office. You even have a church community that backs the conservative worldview. It’s a bad combination to absolutely certain in your beliefs and to be a politically active group in a democratic country. They make red states noxious places to live for the nonwhite. They also give us 2 senators per state and enough gerrymandered house members to be a permanent pain in the ass(legalized weed is out of reach for at least 10 years). They also give us more than enough Limbaugh listeners and Fox News viewers. Add the support of proven psychos like the Koch bros. with our braindead media and you have the catastrophe we have now. Just pretend you’re not scared. That’s what I do.

    It’s more to it than Creationism. Those people are also against comprehensive sex education. Abstinence only is good enough. You know we have elderly schmucks that can’t control their own sex drives(these guys wear pampers with their mistresses) are telling a bunch of horny 16 year olds to wait until marriage. You know that’s gonna work. They are a pliable bunch. That’s why the Republicans are hostile to Planned Parenthood. They are also led to believe that drinking out of plastic bottles makes people gay. It’ll take volumes to unpack everything these guys are on. I say a good field for young people to get into would be mental health. If the Rapture doesn’t happen by 2020 we’re going to have too many cases for the doctors we have now. Don’t let the Palestinians have their own state by then. It’s really over for them should blah people become more prosperous overall.

    • A good part of the mentality is that they want “certainty” or “absolutes,” when science, by it’s very nature, allows for a change when the evidence requires it. There’s also a good amount of denial at the base, where they don’t want to believe what is being said. You see that a lot when it comes to climate change. They don’t want to believe that it’s happening because it means changes, and along with that, they don’t want to believe that someday the oil is going to run out. As it is, the days of “cheap gas” are gone.

      • The tendency toward denial is key to the right-wing mindset, and it goes hand in hand with the tendency to filter the sources of information that they expose themselves to. They watch Fox News, and nothing else, because it confirms what they already think, and they don’t want to be challenged on those beliefs. Ignorance is never good, but willful ignorance is the most appalling and dangerous kind.

  2. Dr. Squid


  3. I don’t think it is want or not want. It is fear. The religious right spends a great deal of its time teaching that you can only believe the words of specific authorities, and that anything anyone outside the specific list of authorities is trying to send your soul to Hell. Authorities are limited to those who preach separation from anyone not believing just like you (prejudice) because they will lead you to sin and sin’s punishments (fear, often enhanced by church taught and enforced child abuse). Church leaders and parents give credence to conservatives because the people running the big corporations pretend to support the religious right’s paranoia and selfishness.

    So, in the end, you get conservatives running for office for whom proof and fact is nothing more that evil trying to steal your soul from God.

    • As you pointed out, most of them tend to focus on an authoritarian doctrine. One of the things I’ve noticed is that they all have a tendency to focus on the more restrictive portions, the “don’t do this” parts of the Bible, and skip over the “do this” parts.

  4. majiir

    I’d like to see all of the anti-science politicians and their supporters take a vow to never see another doctor in their lives, drive/ride in another car, use a DVD player or DVR, ride on an airplane, use a public street for transportation, buy another item from a grocery store, use another computer, watch another TV program, listen to another radio program, etc; and disavow using any/everything that touches their lives that has anything to do with science. One can’t reasonably be anti-science while benefiting from scientific advances, therefore, these people are truly nuts. I’m sick of them. It’s time for them to put their beliefs into action and see how their lives will change. They won’t like the changes one bit, but it would serve them right. The states that are trying to replace creationism with science in the classroom are only handicapping their kids and narrowing their choices for careers. I can imagine that the majority of these religious fundamentalists don’t even know that the father of modern genetics, Gregor Mendel, was a priest, or that it was the Roman Catholic Church that was the western world’s first institution of higher education. It is this kind of ignorance of their own religion’s history that sickens me the most about these religious fundamentalists.

    • I don’t mind people having religious beliefs. I don’t even mind if they’re taught in schools, in the proper course. History or social studies, sure. But it isn’t science. Creationism is not an “alternative explanation.” Scientists do not “have doubts” about evolution. They may (and do) argue extensively about speed, conditions, and mechanisms, but not that it isn’t real. There are people (seriously) who still believe that the sun moves around the Earth, and others that believe the Earth is flat. It doesn’t mean that they should be taught in astronomy classes as an “alternate explanation.”

  5. aquagranny911

    I blame a lot of this on the so called home schooling that we have become lax in monitoring over the last 20 years. Once, home schooling was very rare, done for children who were ill or had some serious special need. The schooling was done by a professional teacher not the parent who may or may not have even graduated high school.

    When I lived in the South, I saw way too many ignorant people home schooling their kiddos because of religious or social reasons. Most were doing it because they did not want their children attending schools with AA children & they could not afford the private “academies.”

    Follow the money here too & just see who is making a lot of $$$ producing these text books & home school materials. It’s a multi-million dollar business. Some of which is helping our Baby Bush in his retirement for one example.

    It’s a great enterprise which serves to keep our children dumb while brain washing them & making the big bucks for “job creators.”

    • NY has some pretty strict rules surrounding home schooling. What I’ve seen is not so much the home schooling, it’s that they recognized long ago that the quickest way to move their agenda forward was to run for school boards. Get enough people on the school boards, and you start being able to control what is being taught.

  6. aquagranny911

    Absolutely! However, home schooling can be pretty lax in other states, notable in the South. Getting elected to local school boards is one thing that the religious right & teapotty did best. That’s how a lot of their people got their start in politics.

  7. Dancer

    The more I see, hear, and read the higher my SNARK level goes…having to work way too hard to find positive/hopeful perspectives. Heard this on progressive talk radio yesterday and have adopted it (sorry forgot who said it) “Stuck on stupid waiting for dumb to come!”…

    • Love that statement. 😀 There have been a few times when I’ve had this terrific idea for a snark post, only to realize that no matter how outrageous I made it, there are actual Republican officeholders who would seriously propose it.