Just Looking Ahead to Summer: Expect Few Posts

This year is a presidential election year, a time when political bloggers have a lot of things to blog about.  As the campaigns start gearing up, there will be many topics covered, statements made, and gaffes galore, all of which provide ample fodder for bloggers to weigh in.  That’s in addition to … debating … what the pundits on either side are saying.    If I said that I’ll be doing that, I’d be lying.   If history is any guide, I’m going to be mostly absent from here.

If you take a look at the “Archives” (left hand column, down below the recent posts list) here, you’ll notice something.  In summer, my blog production sinks like a stone.  That’s a function of my professional life.   In summers, I get busy.  As in long hours, mostly away from computers, and usually too tired to hammer out a post when I do get a chance.   The funny thing is that it’s been over twenty years since I could take a vacation in  summer.   No, I haven’t had this job for that long, it just seems that I’ve ended up in jobs where “summer” meant “insanely busy.”

This summer is looking to be a bit worse on that front.   I’ve accepted a new assignment which means a pay raise along with  additional responsibilities.  The down side of that as a blogger is that I’m going to be even more “out of contact” than in previous years, starting in May.  While this isn’t a “hiatus announcement,” since those never work out, it is saying that I may not be posting for considerable stretches of time.  Barring any repeats of last year’s disasters, I hope to pick up up again sometime in September.  It’s going to be an interesting fall, at any rate.



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9 responses to “Just Looking Ahead to Summer: Expect Few Posts

  1. I will miss your voice of sanity very much.

  2. aquagranny911

    Dang Kiddo, I will miss you but I know how this goes & I’m so glad you got the pay raise & promotion.

    Now: While the fleet’s away, the mice would play. You could appoint me your blog double so I could post cool animal pics and snarky comments. JUST JOKING!!!

    You will be back in time for the hot stuff as we wind down to the election. Trust me that I will be working for PBO and Dems ♥

    • Yes, I can put you on here as an author. 😈 I’ve done that for someone else, so I can be tempted. Or bought. 😉

      Last year I was hoping to keep a somewhat normal blogging schedule, and well, as it turned out, a flood, hurricane, tropical storm, and personnel churn didn’t exactly help me meet that. This year, I’m sure I won’t. I’ve held this sort of position before, so I know how much time I’m going to be spending “out in the field.” Add in that this particular assignment qualifies as “out in the middle of nowhere” – a solid percentage of the local people couldn’t tell you how to get there – and I know my odds of being able to do much blogging, or political activity in general, are slim to none.

      • aquagranny911

        “…a solid percentage of the local people couldn’t tell you how to get there…” Does that mean you didn’t know to turn left by that big tree that got hit by lightening in ’53?

        I think you will love being “out in the field” I’ve read your blog & seen the beautiful photos you take. We WILL miss you here but I do hope you enjoy your summer. When you return I’m sure you will have more to share.

        • The directions here are more “as you’re coming off the mountain, turn left down that dirt road. About 7 or 8 miles in, you’ll see a road on the right, turn down that until it ends, and …” 😆

  3. moldai

    I hope this doesn’t get posted twice, don’t know where my last post went?? Anyway, to repeat myself, your voice will be missed. We will look forward to your posts in the fall.

  4. Congrats on your raise and new professional responsibilities! I’ve looked at my own blog over the last four years, and I’ve noticed that the worst times are when I didn’t have anything that really inspired me to write but I felt like I had to write something. Best to focus on when you’re inspired and have the energy – that’ll keep your quality high!

    • Thank you. I’ve actually had that “position title” before – I voluntarily took a demotion about 4 years ago – so I’m quite familiar with the administrative side of the job. From past experience, the thing that’s going to chew up my time in a major way is learning where everything is, including things like “hey, there’s a huge rock just under the water right there.” 😆 That, along with training the seasonal staff – they’re all new – and my assistant, who is also new to the job. I’m pretty sure that sometime in June I’m going to be wondering what possessed me to say “yes.” 😆