Monday and Beginning Another Week

It’s been a busy weekend, with St. Patrick’s Day, a primary in Puerto Rico, and of course, the really important event, the NCAA basketball tournament happening.    After which, you wake up and realize

We’ve spent the past few weeks getting bombarded with Republican candidates discussing how they view women

and their religious beliefs

along with attempts to play up the fear card

because they really haven’t got a serious plan for running the country


The inmates are running the asylum in the Republican Party.   I know all about the denial

or the claims that it’s “comedy” from some of your pundits

But the rest of the country has a different opinion

and they’re getting irritated

You are providing  some new meanings for words, which isn’t necessarily a good thing for you.

but keep it up!

You’ll need it.


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One response to “Monday and Beginning Another Week

  1. overseasgranny

    The “Not the kitchen” one…priceless!! And there is the good husband standing, er towering above the little woman as she slaves away, hands on his hips and beaming at her industry making his new suit. She started it this morning and he needs it for tomorrow, but she will stay up all night finishing it and pressing it, and she is so happy to be doing it. Agggggghhhhhhhh! How I despise this man, St. Torum.