Watching Republicans Is Like Watching A Slow Motion Car Wreck

Last month at this time, I wrote a post asking a simple question:  NOW do you think there’s no difference between the parties?  A few comments were made along the usual whines from the purity brigade, pouting that there “really wasn’t any difference.”  In the month since then, the Republicans seem to have taken the … opportunity … to drastically highlight differences, and not in the way that many “establishment Republicans” wanted the party to.

You see, the “establishment Republicans” wanted this election to be about the economy, jobs, the size of government, and of course, the national debt.  Which was what the Tea Party supposedly was all about back in 2010.  Notably, they mostly ignored that once they got into office and tried to pass an entirely different agenda.  Which ended up being painted as “cut taxes for the rich, do away with Social Security and Medicare, and oh yeah, while we’re at it, let’s screw over the poor.”

The problem for the establishment Republicans was that many of their own state legislators, along with presidential candidates didn’t get the message.  Instead, they’ve decided to start enacting what, by any standard, is a “conservative Christian legislation.”  Mostly aimed against women.  For a group of people who scream in terror about “sharia law,” they seem to be bound and determined to implement it, just in the Christian version.   No, seriously, while they claim their battle about contraception is about “freedom of religion,” no one is buying it.

Add in the racist dog whistling, or heck, even blatant racism, antagonizing various groups by clueless statements, and the occasional flirtation with the birthers, and you have what amounts to the Republican “base” trying to start a culture war, despite what the “establishment” thinks they should be doing.  I’ve come away with the impression that they think they’ve lost that, so they’re bound and determined to drag the party down with them on the way.

This is not going over well with the public:

Not only does the American mainstream not want to fight the culture war right now, when pressed, most of the public likes contraception, supports Roe v. Wade, and approves of marriage equality. One could certainly make the case that gun control isn’t popular, at least not with key voting constituencies, but since Democrats aren’t even trying to change the status quo, it’s not much of a campaign issue.

It’s not making their candidates any more likable.  Which does not, despite the spin, bode well for them 2012 election.

Then again, a lot of them don’t seem to care about that, much to to the establishment’s dismay.



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  1. aquagranny911

    I have to say that I think WordPress somehow mated with Disqus & the offspring is like out of that movie “Alien” but at least I can post here again even though I have to log on through very bizarre means.

    Now: My feeble opinion is that the GOP has let things go so far off the rails in courting their fringe that they will loose 2012 big time all the way down to dogcatcher & they will not recoup in 2014 despite $$$ at their disposal.

    The majority of sane Americans, of which I believe are many, are slowly waking up & saying “QUE?!!? This isn’t what we want or voted for.” So the pragmatic progressives among us need to be ready willing and able to jump in with the best practical alternative. We’ve got to know our local candidates & pick the best Dems who can get elected in our districts. I’m confident PBO will be re-elected but we have to send him an actually functional Congress, not a bunch of teanuts.

    And we really need to take back our state governments from these most egregious goatfiggers!!!

    • I have no idea of why you would have problems posting here, but that isn’t in my toolbag of things WordPress allows me to look at.

      The Republicans are really victims of their own success in 2010. They pandered unmercifully to not only the fringe elements in their own party, but managed to scare a lot of seniors into voting against their own interests. Most of the candidates that ran under the Tea Party banner were from the fringe element. While there’s always been some of that, mostly they were surrounded by more … sane … people. Those people knew the things they said to nod to the extremes was more a formality than a formal pledge to actually do something. I think a lot of what has contributed to people waking up is the horrified realization that the inmates are in charge of the asylum. In other words, a “WTF?? They were serious?” moment.

      Recently, I’ve been seriously considering writing a post aimed at conservative women. One where I dust off all the misogynistic things I’ve heard over the years. After all, isn’t it cute the way they think they have an opinion?

      • aquagranny911

        OH! Do it please DO it!

        I can’t understand these women at all but some who may “look” conservative have told me that they go into the voting booth & vote how they please despite the overbearing men in their lives.

        I would really enjoy your diary on this subject.

        OT: But from what I can determine WordPress did some kind of shit upgrade. The only way I got on here again was through TOD using my email address. Apparently, lots of people “are not amused!”

        • 😆 I first started kicking it around in the back of my mind when Michele Bachmann had to try to “explain” why she was running for President, given her past stories about doing what her husband told her to. 🙄

          I don’t know what happened with the log ins. As far as I could tell, the only difference I can see in your profile here is that it no longer references Gravatar. Normally, just a “username/e-mail” works for a log-in here, so if anything hiccups, the worst that happened is that I might have to re-approve a commenter. 😥

  2. aquagranny911

    WOOHOO! my comment printed! Bite the big cactus, WordPress!!!

  3. Alan Scott

    Norbrook ,

    I disagree with what you write , but I find you more tolerable than the others on your side I haunt . This November will reveal whether you are right about ” so they’re bound and determined to drag the party down with them on the way. ” , or as I suspect enough of America will decide that they really screwed up 4 years ago. I do not believe as you do that social issues are losers to the GOP. I know the Obama people have adapted a strategy to shift the argument off of the economy and onto “Womens Issues ” . I simply do not see that many women who believe they are under attack, even as your side tries to milk that line.

    You guys seem to have conceded the economy simply won’t improve fast enough for the President to win on that.

    I found your line about scaring seniors to be infinitely amusing. We’ve accused you guys of that for the last thousand years .

    • Alan, I don’t think the President had to shift the argument. The Republicans did that all by themselves, and then doubled down on it. As to “not seeing too many women who believe they’re under attack,” well, most of the women I’ve met and heard from (and I include Republicans in that) are pissed as hell at the Republican candidates. That includes at least one state legislator – mine.

      But hey, maybe you know a lot of women who are content to be barefoot, pregnant, and in the kitchen. Before they say anything, make sure you give them their opinion. Isn’t it cute the way the sometimes think they have a brain?

  4. Alan Scott

    Norbrook ,

    I realize that to you any woman who does not feel insulted by people like Santorum must be content to be one brick short of a full load, and happy to be a baby factory . That you can’t conceive of how an intelligent woman would not fall into line with the Democrats is revealing . We all denigrate the opposition, but you guys have talked yourselves into a narrow view of women . Female Republican = stupid . Like anti Obama = racist . Good luck with that mindset going into November .

    • No, I’m saying that Santorum is proposing just that, and yes, even many Republican women I’ve met are aghast at what the party is doing. It doesn’t mean that they’re going to fall in line with the Democratic party, but what is being thrown around by Republicans – including in state houses – falls into “let’s go back to the 1900’s” when it comes to women’s rights.

      It’s not just anecdotal, polling shows that Obama’s ratings amongst women now gives him a double-digit lead over any of the Republican contenders

      As to “good luck?” Well, let’s see. The unemployment rate has been dropping. The stock market is high. Manufacturing is up, and car manufacturers in this country are profitable again. So, want to talk economy? Good luck there.

  5. Alan Scott

    Norbrook ,

    The economy is funny. You are right about autos and manufacturing, but there are still some sectors that are dismal. Anything tied to housing is still bad and I have a relative who just got laid off writing computer code for lack of work . Even though this is bad for the President, I take no joy at all in it . I would rather Obama get reelected if it meant things were improving like in 1983-84. I benefited a lot by that rebound .

    Thank you for putting up with me. While I profoundly see events differently, I can follow your reasoning . November will reveal which of us sees the truth and which of us is seeing what he hopes is the truth .

    • What I’m seeing in the Republican Party is not “conservatism,” as people used to consider it, but instead a complete takeover of the party by radical religious conservatives. All I have to do is look at the breadth and number of laws being promulgated or passed that, for all intents and purposes, place government into women’s healthcare decisions as a start. Once again states are attempting to pass “creation science” bills. You have voter ID laws being passed not because there’s a huge issue with voter fraud, but because it’s a backdoor way to keep people from voting. Let’s not forget the state “immigration laws” which have mainly served to seriously damage sectors of those states economies.

      On the economic front, you have representatives proposing a budget whose main feature is to gut Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security in the long run, along with absolutely gutting all science, technology, and education funding. Why? Because they don’t want to raise taxes, but want to increase military spending. It’s not “fiscally conservative,” by any stretch of the imagination.

      What do I see with all of those? They’re all being done by Republicans. It’s not “conservative” by what I used to know as “conservative.” I’m sorry your friend lost their job, and do I hope they find another one soon. But here’s the thing: There’s programs to help them. If the people who have taken over the Republican Party have their way, there won’t be.