Still More Primaries to Go….

The race to be the Republican nominee for President has been full of twists and turns, with various “frontrunners” trading places on a regular basis. IN the process, they’re managing to alienate a lot of people. Most of them have a reason why they’re running:

The field has contracted, though. Rick Perry pulled out of the race after doing very poorly in debates, and possibly personal reasons …

while Jon Huntsman was just too … sane … for the Republican base.

While many conservatives have said they fear “sharia law” being imposed – disregarding reality – Rick Santorum has become a serious contender by proposing his solution.

Ron Paul is still in the race, because he has a dedicated group of hardcore supporters.  This is not always a good thing.

Newt Gingrich is still in the race, but his success in South Carolina didn’t translate into any long-term viability.  No matter what he thinks.

While Mitt Romney is still the front-runner, and struggles to connect with the average voter.

All of which has led people who are not in the Republican to look at the race as a horror show.

Makes you wonder if they want to win.  Because, really, this is:



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7 responses to “Still More Primaries to Go….

  1. Dancer

    BRILLIANT, again…especially commentary on Mitt laundry! Maybe their dark plan IS to lose?????

  2. overseasgranny

    I love mitt with laundry. I watched Mitt prancing around in his Levi’s, and I do mean prancing. Closest I have seen to those moves are a Prima Ballerina in a tutu prancing about. Or maybe it is mincing about? Watch him next time.

    • Your comment made me LOL. All I could thing of was that scene in the Disney film “Fantasia” with the Hippo Ballerinas. They had a lot more grace.

    • You ever notice they’re always new Levi’s? 😆 The ones I have are never that bright blue after a couple of washes.

      • He wears them only for photo ops, and then he has them taken to the dry cleaners.

        • Is that the secret? Mine get all faded from washing and just when they are perfectly soft & comfortable, the cuffs fray & the knees give out. Dang! All these years & now I learn I should have been dry cleaning my levis. Learn something every day ♥

        • So that’s the secret! Gosh, I wear mine to (gasp! shudder) work in! I usually go through two or three pairs a year. Of course, after a couple of weeks, mine usually end up looking like they’ve been beat to hell. Probably because they have. 😉