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I have … eclectic … interests.  That means that I bounce around the Internet at times, and various things catch my attention.  Some are really amazing, some are interesting, some are funny, and some are just plain weird.   So, here’s a selection of various things that have tickled my fancy recently.

You should definitely check out Milt Shook’s blog, and in particular his most recent article:  Politics 101 For the Far Left:  Better Government = Winning Elections.

Via Gizmodo,  advanced finger painting :

Fabian Gaete Maureira compose scenes like Bob Ross on crank.  Maureira works in Santiago, Chile, using primarily his fingers to speed-paint nature scenes on glass panes.

Amazing, isn’t it?  This next one is just fun – a Filipino traffic cop doing his job – set to music.

Did you know that in Australia, there’s an owl known as the Barking Owl?   That’s because of its unusual call:

While the aftereffects of the Japan earthquake are still being dealt with, this article in the Atlantic has a terrific set of “before and after” pictures of the cleanup.

I’ve said before that I’m not impressed by the Republican campaigns, and this picture is worth a thousand posts why I’m not impressed:

But, on the bright side, it’s:



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12 responses to “Miscellaneous Interesting Stuff

  1. love the barking owl!
    The painter is amazing. I think the Cyrillic title is ‘Masterpiece’ Is someone speaking Russian or a closely related language…. in Chile? Who knew, but then, why not?

    The car wreck reminds me of …. (better say a friend’s experience. I wouldn’t want you to think it was me 😉 Imagine a VW bug nose down in a sand trap on a golf course.

  2. This week had some fun making this. (don’t know what Word Press allows and what it doesn’t)


  3. sjterrid

    Thank you for showing these amazing photos/videos. I was completely blown away from the artist’s work. It’s incredible how fast Japan was able to clean-up and rebuild that area that was hit with the tsunami.

  4. Your political diaries are stellar but I do so enjoy when you write stuff like this. That artist’s work was amazing. There is something so visceral about putting your hands in paint and going at it which is why little kiddos love it so much. Makes me want to grab the Grandkiddos poster paint and just create something for fun ♥

    OT: I went to a coffee hour this AM with Women For Obama & I am so energized! YES WE CAN!!!

    • Glad to hear it. The ones here were great too. Did you hear the Flotus call or did you do other stuff? Does it seem like womens’ attention really perked up when the GOP got all enamored with the vaginal wand?

      • sjterrid

        I went to the Women for Obama on Wednesday and heard FLOTUS. She was great. She answered 3 questions, and told how it was so important to get other women involved with the campaign. There were around 120 women that showed up. Yes from the conversations going on around the room, it was very clear they were really angry about how they were targeting women.

      • We got a recorded version of the call & it was GREAT! Women were talking about all the assaults on our freedom from PP to the “vaginal wand” but so many were royally pissed about the BS on the Girl Scouts.

        Some one stood and asked how many of us had been Girl Scouts & practically every hand went up. There were also women who had daughters in Scouts or who were currently Scout leaders.

        One woman said: “First they come after us and now they want our daughters. It’s time we showed these bastards the door head first!”

        I felt strong and energized. We women have THE POWER and it is well past time that we use it! We talked some strategy for GOTV woman to woman. We plan to meet again & share more.

        • I had to add this. As much as I despise that Palin Unit, she is right about one thing: Don’t mess with the Mama Bears! So many of the women who had daughters were totally irate. Women will sometimes put up with caca for themselves but when they see it touch the kiddos they go ballistic!