I Go Away For a Few Days, And…

I haven’t been around for a few days, due to a death in the family which has meant having to travel, and being away from computers, to try to lend a hand getting things straightened out.  I’m learning that when an elderly relative passes away without making a will or getting their finances in reasonable order, it creates a mind-boggling mess for their spouse.  I’ll be popping in and out over the next month or two because of that.      My comment to my sisters was “You know how bad we thought it was?  Well, it’s worse than that.”  Even though I wasn’t around a computer, a lot of news was happening, making me itch for a good high-speed connection.   Well, I’m a little late to the party, but I do have some opinions.

The big news for much of the week was the Susan G. Komen Foundation’s decision to pull funding for its grants to Planned Parenthood.  Followed, after a few days, by their reversal of the decision.  One might might note that this “reversal” is only to keep funding the grants they’ve already awarded, not a decision to fund any new grants.   What struck me about it was the incredible odor of bovine fecal material that was wafting around their “explanations” for their original decision.   Saying it wasn’t “politically based” wasn’t believable to anyone, and it was obvious from the media coverage that no one was buying it.   Too many things didn’t add up, and their “reversal” just made it clear that yes, it was a politically-based decision on their part.

What they’ve done with this ham-handed effort was to do a huge amount of damage to the foundation’s reputation, one that will impact them for a long time.    Not just the time to repair their reputation – if they can – but to restore the donation levels they’ve been accustomed to.  It’s also focused an unflattering spotlight on just how the foundation operates.  There’s a lot of people who are taking their time, money, and efforts for breast cancer research, screening, and education elsewhere, and those people will need a lot of persuading to devote those efforts against breast cancer back to the foundation.

In other news, Donald Trump decided to endorse Mitt Romney.  It figures, they have so much in common.  They’re good at hyping themselves, they’re both rich, they like firing people, and they  both have a talent for driving companies into bankruptcy.   In Republican terms, this makes them prime examples of Republican ethics.

In Georgia, the birthers, to no one’s surprise but their own, lost another battle to keep President Obama off the ballot.   So far, their record is perfect – they haven’t won one yet.  The best comment about this case was from Reality Check: “Breaking: Birthers take on empty table and lose.”  That’s because not only did they lose, they lost even when the President’s lawyer decided not to dignify this by showing up and presenting a defense.   After the hearing, they were shouting all around the internet that this was the case they’d “won,” and would “prove their case.”   But they lost.  Now they’re shedding bitter, bitter tears – sweet to the rest of us, but bitter for them – and screaming about the President having “gotten to the judge,” claiming the judge is an “Iranian Muslim,” and of course, the usual “corruption!” charges being thrown about.

That they were racist jackasses without a case to begin with seems to not to have occurred to them.   I won’t give the links, but really, if anyone says that this “movement” isn’t racially based, all they have to do is look at the comment threads on any birther blog – or a few of the opposition blogs that allow them to appear – to see the racist crap these people spew.  That’s when they’re not beating the drums for armed insurrection, a military coup, or coming up with incredibly novel interpretations of the Constitution that bear no relationship to what the Constitution actually says.

There are some who whine about being called racists, but heck, if the shoe fits, wear it.  Let’s get real:   The movement fails the “duck test” when it comes to racism.  I’m sure there are a few who aren’t racist, but are either incredibly stupid or batshit crazy.   In Orly Taitz, you have a toxic combination of all three.  Of course, she’s entertaining as hell to watch.  I can’t think of any other time I’ve broken out into laughter while reading a legal brief, or gotten the snickers while reading a judicial decision.  But when you realize that some of these people – including one of the lawyers on the Georgia case – are elected officials, you have to wonder just what sort of electorate would elect them in the first place.

I’m sure over the next few weeks I’ll be seeing a lot to blog about.  The way the Republican race is heating up, particularly Mitt’s tendency to insert his expensive shoes into his mouth, will provide endless blog fodder.  That’s aside from the now-normal Republican tendency to look like idiots, or to come up with new ways to prove that their “firm moral beliefs” aren’t applicable to themselves.



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  1. I live in GA, and the slapping down of the latest Orly Taitz-inspired birther nonsense is sooo sweet. The sane among the population have tried repeatedly to inform the birthers, and those who lean birther, that the case was going to fail, but there’s no convincing them because their real concern isn’t whether the current POTUS is a citizen or not, It’s that he’s a scary black man! As for the GOP fraud of a primary season, I’m hoping that Newt remains on the scene as long as possible. The more exposure that he, Romney, Paul, Santorum, and the rest of the GOPers get, the better it is for the country. The GOP has spent the last 3 years trying to convince the American people that the man in the WH is their enemy, the enemy of “reel” progress, an enemy to Christians, an enemy to business, a failure in foreign policy, a Manchurian Candidate, etc, etc, etc. I think that as people see more of these clowns, maybe it will expose the real threat to this nation-republican governance. It should be quite clear to anyone who is willing to face facts at this point that none of these candidates are running for president to serve the people. IMO, they’re all running to fulfill their own ambitions and to stroke, and stoke, their own egos, because until this point in time, I’ve not seen one of them present a platform and explain how that platform would do anything to benefit the vast majority of Americans. They talk about the recession and how it’s all PBO’s fault that it hasn’t ended, but none of them seem to be able to think outside of the boxful of failed RW ideas. They simply can’t escape the tax cut, de-regulate everything, we want to wage endless wars, subsidy trap that Americans want out of. These are their sacred issues and the hell with the polls that show Americans want the tax cuts to the rich gone, want the subsidies to end for Big Oil, Big Business and Big Agriculture, want an end to wars we’re involved in, and think government regulation is not the evil that republicans have been trying to tell them they are. These things don’t seem to trouble them at all, and I think it’s because they are so far removed from what goes on in the lives of millions of Americans that they couldn’t care less. This was reflected in Romney saying that he’s not worried about the poor, Santorum’s shilling for BigPharma when a kid and his mom asked him what he’d do about the rising cost of drugs for the kid were he to become POTUS, and Gingrich speaking of giving the poor a trampoline, implying that they can simply bound out of poverty to riches while he encourages cuts to the social safety net that is barely keeping their heads above water. Ugly, nasty, selfish people–all of them.

    • Well, you get a bit more of Orly insanity in your state, since she has, to no one’s surprise, filed an appeal. 🙄 She’ll lose that, but in the meantime the Georgia legal system will be flooded with large amounts of poorly-written and reasoned legal briefs coming from California.

      We’re all watching Hawaii to see just when the State’s promised motion for costs and determination of her as a “vexatious litigant” hits their court. The screeching out of Orange County ought to be remarkable. 😆

    • Nathan Katungi

      Bravo Majii for this brilliant comment that says it all!

  2. I am very sorry for your loss.

    • Thank you. While it was “unexpected” in it’s timing, it’s something that we knew would happen at some point. What makes us angry is that we’d been after this relative for several years to at least have a will, and get some things together, since he’d been having a series of chronic illnesses. Not only was none of that was done, his finances were a disaster zone, and he’d kept all of that from his wife. 😡 It wasn’t until I started going through the paperwork and bills with her that I found out just how bad it is. 😯 So all the plans we’d made when we found out about his passing had to be revamped, and now those plans have to be thrown out the window and another set of things done. 😥

      • trs

        My father didn’t leave a will, but he had, several years earlier, put the house in the name of all his children. His finances, fortunately, were in order. First thing iriti and I did when we got married was make a will – which we now have to update since we bought land and I adopted the Kidlet. We have an appointment with a lawyer set up to do the update, and have signed, handwritten notes with the original will. I feel for you, Norbrook. It’s never easy being the one left behind – and with the mess you and your family is dealing with, it’s doubly hard.

        • Thank you. 😀 It’s one of those things we’re not really used to, since everyone else (that we know of) has or had plans in place. While there had been the occasional scramble – not every plan survived contact with reality – for the most part, things went as well as could be expected. In this case, it turned out that no only was there no plan, things were an absolute disaster across the board. If you can think of something bad, pretty much that’s what is happening.

          I mentioned it in the header, because I know it’s been said elsewhere: People need to plan for this. Particularly if you’re over 60!

  3. Nathan Katungi

    Norbrook, my deep condolences to you and your family for your loss

  4. I am so sorry for your loss Norbrook. I am sending positive healing energy to you & her in your grief. She must be very frightened about her future. You are a good nephew and I bless the house that raised you up.

    Family to me is everything and we always care for our own. I have unending admiration for those who also do this. It may be difficult but you will be as her “rod and her staff” ♥ Mi Hijo

    • Well, on the bright side, such as it is, she is going to have to move to a different place, where she can get better services and access to public transportation. The rest of us are past the grief and into the “seriously pissed-off at him for leaving this mess we have to clean up” mode.

  5. Norbrook, sorry to hear about the death in your family. Sending my deepest condolences to you. Namaste.~

  6. gc

    Adding my condolences, Norbrook.
    I’ll now read with interest your take on the political scene…g

  7. Sorry for your loss. Stay strong brother Norbrook. Hope things will flow smoothly for you and the family.

    Thanks for the round up. Well done!

  8. Alan Scott

    Norbrook ,

    Condolences . I am presently dealing with an older person, who will not listen either .