Sorry Hear About Your Voter Fraud Problem

As the Republican primary season moves to South Carolina, one of the issues there is it’s voter ID law.  Yes, South Carolina, along with a number of other Republican governed states have passed strict voter ID laws, to combat voter fraud.  The federal government has objected to these laws, so right now they’re in limbo.  One would think that these states would only do this if there was a huge problem with voter fraud.  After thinking about it, I realize that voter fraud would explain a lot.

No, really!  Look at the states that are passing these laws:  South Carolina, Texas, Florida, Georgia, Mississippi, Tennessee, and Kansas.  Then take a look at their politicians.  Right.  Do you really believe that without massive voter fraud that these people would be in office?  Can you imagine any electorate voting in Rick Scott, Haley Barbour, or God help us, Rick Perry?  Those are just the governors, but it doesn’t stop there.  Someone like a Jim DeMint, for crying out loud.  “Small government” in a state that has a very large government presence?

While the popular explanations have been ignorance, prejudice, and fear, I don’t think these states would put themselves through the effort of increasing the tax burden needed to pay for these new requirements if voter fraud wasn’t a serious problem.  Obviously, the only explanation is that there has been ongoing voter fraud on a massive and statewide basis for years.

So I salute these brave Republicans for passing these laws to combat this problem.  The only thing I’m scratching my head about is that it seems counter-productive for them.  After all, if it weren’t for that, why would they be in office?



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  1. OMG! You are a total genius! What a spin and probably ‘true’ since I’ve always said that if Repugs can’t win fair and square then they cheat.

    • I have that sort of mind. If they’re complaining about it, obviously they must have hard evidence with massive fraud. Maybe personal experience, too. 😉

  2. Ron

    Can’t say i know allot about it; but if i need to prove that I am a US/Carolinian– Against voter res. Regs… Then why should there be an –issue?? Unless of course the people (the politicians) are against fair Voting Standards?? Dah? it only make sense to make the game(?) As fair and as equal as possible –for everyone involved. If I were in the game– and were running a legit—campaign — I wouldn’t have any problem with it- It would be like putting more Refs on the football field to make sure all Participants are good sportsman?? if they’re not hiding anything– voter Regs shouldn’t be an issue; say== their attempting to cover up unfair practices?? Smells like cheating to me—somewhere; and that—in its self should be an indication that the Voter Regs need to passed –even more so– seeing how their making a fuss about it??

    • First off, welcome! 😀 You don’t have to post twice (I deleted the duplicate), the reason you didn’t see your comment appear is that I have to approve anyone’s first comment here. After this, you should be able to see your post immediately. 😉

      The reason for this snarky post is that there really isn’t much voter fraud anywhere. Every study that has looked at it keeps coming up with a figure that at worst is minimal and hasn’t affected an election yet. What these efforts are designed for is to suppress voting, by placing a lot of different barriers to make it difficult for people to vote. For example, here in NY, it costs $62.50 to get a photo ID. If you’re going for the “enhanced ID,” it’s twice that. I don’t know what the fees are in the Carolinas, but in any event, if you’re poor and don’t drive, that’s a lot of money to ask someone to cough up just so they can vote.

      All that is just besides the fact that to put these laws into place, and enforce them, requires additional personnel and work to make sure all the forms are filled out, checked, and so on. People and materials which have to be paid for by tax dollars. In effect, creating a new bureaucracy to “solve” a non-existent problem.

  3. Vic78

    You do have a point. How about “everything short of shooting them(Mexicans)” Mo Brooks. There’s no way on this side of the Milky Way that a sane populace would vote for someone that far gone. We’ve witnessed the afflictions they’ve visited on their states. For reasons unknown to me they want to check blacks’ ids. It’s not like they’re going to vote for someone talking about shooting Mexicans.

  4. $62.50? What the heck are the things gold plated? A Colorado ID card costs $10.50 and is valid for five years. Drivers licenses are $21.00 for five years (I’m still on my 10 year license that cost me like $15,00 back then).

    I can’t see where the State thinks it costs that much for issuing an ID card or drivers license for that matter. Whew.

    • New York’s are for 8 years. It’s called “let’s balance the budget without raising taxes!” 🙄 It was one of Governor Pataki’s legacies.

  5. Since the right to vote is a constitutional right these states should provide a free id. I know Tennessee will. One of the big problems that we have in Tenn. is that many people over 60 are allowed by state law to have non-picture driver’s licenses. Another problem is the “inaccuracies” and/or verification practices of identification that will allow a person to get said id. One lady couldn’t get an id because her birth certificate didn’t have her middle name printed correctly. While waiting for a repeal, I’m just trying to help get the word out to voters to try to help get itds and to explain which ids are legal for voting.

    • That’s a great thing you’re doing. 😀 What bothers me is that no one has shown – let alone found – enough “voter fraud” to justify the reaction. All these laws are doing are to make it difficult to register and to vote.