Another Friday

Which is a warning… I’m in one of my moods.  The “why aren’t you in a padded room?” moods.

Yes, I see Greenwald has been belching forth idiocy, and getting called on it.  Leading his loyal followers to new heights of trying to defend him.  Let’s get real here;

Ah well.  In good news, Orly Taitz lost yet another of her incessant cases to try to “prove” that the President wasn’t born in Hawaii.  Which entails her going to Hawaii and trying to argue with a judge there about Hawaiian law, with predictable results.

Some people think she makes sense.  Of course, that’s after this happened.

Ah well, they’ll keep flailing around losing repetitively, the same as always. Mostly I just wish they’d go away.

I still remember that they’re a distraction from what the Republicans want

But I remind myself that there are

Even though I’m really more in the mood to say to the idiots who claim to be “the Left”

I focus on what needs to get done


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9 responses to “Another Friday

  1. Aww … you found photos of my cousins! I hadn’t seen them since that family reunion where Uncle Phluphytufts ended up wearing that lampshade….

    Good night and good nuts.

  2. I think I reached my limit with the Far Left this week. I got an email from one such person actually, I kid you not, complaining about how being called an Obama Hater (not by me, but by other Democrats) made him feel excluded and hurt. My first thought, No, I just call you a whiny little s*^%. Honestly, they trash the President non-stop, then act like little teenage girls when someone calls them an Obama Hater. P*$$ies.

    • I’m with you, Tien. They ARE p*$$ies.

    • That’s been their standard line, every time they’re called out. It’s the entitlement mentality, that their “self-esteem” should be “enhanced” and others should acknowledge the validity of their ” feelings.” 🙄 My parents used to call that “acting like a spoiled little brat.” No, they didn’t put up with it from us, and I’m at the point where I won’t put up with it.

      I’ve been a supervisor for a long time, and one of the things I learned the hard way is that when you have someone who slacks off on the work, complains constantly, and generally can’t be relied on, you’re better off cutting them loose.

    • Vic78

      I hate that those kind of confrontations have to be online. In person you can say “what a f#$kin P*$$y.” And the response to that will be humorous.

      • Vic78

        Unfortunately I haven’t had the opportunity to call someone a f#$kin p*$$y yet. Obama haters aren’t the kind of people I get to spend time around. I only encounter the real stupid online. I doubt anyone would fix their mouth to tell me that PBO is more racist than David Duke.
        For the most part I only wish to deal with the misinformed supporters. These are the type that don’t understand the game being played. When I tell them what’s up for real there’s a new respect for the President.

    • mdblanche

      They sure love dishing it out but say one thing back and they start whining about how you’re arrogant and divisive. They really are just like the far right in that way.

  3. I ♥ your blog Norbrook! TWTWTW…That Was The Week That Was…not quite over yet but close enough. I don’t know about anyone else but if Alex’s Lounge is up over at POU, I’m heading there for a stiff drink and some great music.

  4. trs

    I didn’t see this yesterday, but I now have it bookmarked for easy access when I need it to tell people what I really think…