Generalized Griping and Grousing

This past year has been … educational … I guess.  I’ve learned a few things, found out that some things I thought were over were still alive and kicking, and, looking ahead to the rest of this year, realize that I’m not going to be able to avoid a lot of it.  No, not just the politics, after all, I’m a political junkie, it’s all the other stuff going on in popular culture as well as the sideshows in politics.

Up until last year, I’d never heard of the Kardashians.  I now realize how much happier I was then.  Seriously, I have seen more “news” stories about them, and whether I wanted to or not – and I didn’t – I now know a lot about them.   For the life of me, I’m unable to figure out why a group of over-privileged sisters whose main “talent” seems to be their ability to hook up with athletes is something that should be all over news sites.

The good thing about the Republican primary race is that it seems to have finally removed Sarah Palin from relevance.  A few years too late, but still.  That she was ever considered relevant to the Republican Party policy debates is an indicator of just how far the party has fallen in the past few years.     What makes me dread the coming year is knowing how much she loves the spotlight, so I’m fairly certain she’ll do something outrageous to call attention to herself.

I said back in February that the Party of Lincoln is dead.  That was because I was seeing a lot of racist “dog whistling” going on.  Well,  as another writer said this week, it’s no longer “dog whistles,” it’s outright air raid sirens.  Between Ron Paul trying to “explain” past racist newsletters, Santorum giving “explanations” for statements, Newt and Rick Perry both having “slips,” it’s getting obvious even to the press.  That’s just the top of the ticket, but a look around will show a lot of the local Party officials who are blatantly saying ignorant things.   Then there is the resurgence of the birthers, and their goal post moving efforts to keep the President off the ballot, in some states backed by state legislators.  Come on, you’re not fooling anyone anymore.   Heck, even Michael Steele is getting a clue about it.

Watching the college “sports” scene is not something that makes me happy anymore.  Yes, I realize I’ve become an old fogey, because I remember the days when players stayed in college for 4 years, colleges generally stayed in a single conference with traditional rivals, and going to a bowl game meant that your team actually had a good season.  These days, it seems like  athletes treat college as a quick stopping point before the pro’s instead of an opportunity for an education, and colleges are more interested in the business of sports than education.

I think there are people who need to take a pop test on civics.  It’s an ever-growing list, though.   The short one is anyone who writes opinion pieces for newspapers or major news outlets (broadcast and Internet).    Then we should publish their scores, because honestly?  I think most of them would fail it.  At least this way we could all have a measure of just how much they’re talking out of their hats.



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6 responses to “Generalized Griping and Grousing

  1. sjterrid

    I agree with you about the Kadashians. I have no attention of watching them or the cast from The Jersey Shore. They are making loads of money for doing nothing.
    I also like your idea about a pop quiz civics test. I like the idea someone made on BPI , I think, about any person that goes to Congress or wants a job in Government should have to pass a civics test.

    • I’ve never watched either show. My cable company does not provide, as part of their package, the networks they’re on. Which I regard as a good thing. Unfortunately, that doesn’t mean I get to be blissfully ignorant about them. Every other outlet under the sun feels it’s necessary to keep me bombarded with their doings.

      I’ve started running on about the civics test, because at one time, you used to expect that someone who had a large media stage to present their opinion about politics knew something about government. It’s increasingly obvious that many of them don’t.

  2. That’s why I don’t watch TV at all for the most part. It seems that there’s only reality shows and crap. I’ve seen a little bit of the Kardashians and trust me-there’s nothing attractive about them. Same thing for the idiots on Jersey Shore. However, they are remnants of the culture of idiocy promoted during the Bush Administration. I suspect they are on their way out-hopefully sooner rather than later. We need to promote a culture of intelligence, not stupidity.
    What gets me is that I remember when I was younger and it was mandatory for us to take a basic high school civics class. WTF happened? Did they stop that? Because if they did, they need to put US Government and civics classes BACK in the curriculum with the quickness. It’s amazing how ignorant people are about their OWN government. I took a political science class last semester (I’m in junior college right now) and it was amazing how LITTLE the kids in my class knew about how our government functions. There were only two people in my class who knew anything-myself and another lady older than me.

    • I was very happy being in ignorance about them. Unfortunately, I couldn’t go to a news site without seeing their names and “tribulations” 🙄 on the front pages.

      I agree that government should be on the curriculum, if it’s been removed. What bothers me is that when you read or see various “pundits” doing their pontificating, it’s pretty clear that they don’t have any idea of how government works either. 😡 All I have to do is look at Jane Hamsher (as an example) and her “action alerts,” “lobbying efforts,” and rants to realize the woman has zero clue about the structure and functioning of US government. But she wants to be politically influential. Yeesh.

  3. Amnesty International (a group I’ve happily supported for decades — and I even helped start a campus chapter 25 years ago) was tweeting about “pressure the president to shut Gitmo!” I had to respond with “Um, remedial civics? Pressure CONGRESS — including Sanders — who voted against the funding.” I still think they do really good things, but it’s disheartening when even organizations that have been in operation for a long time continue to act as if they have no clue how the legislative process works.