Friday meandering

It’s the end of the week, one that’s been mixed when it comes to weather. Snow, cold, some rain, then snow and cold.

A couple of recommended readings for you:    Flaming Emilia over at Hoos Left? does a great takedown of Cenk Uygar and certain others of the “Professional Left.”   Joy Reid over at the Reid Report has some things to say about Glenn Greenwald and his throwing bouquets at Ron Paul.

Of course, there’s been a lot of “defense” of Ron Paul attempted, after the media decided to notice his newsletters from 20 years ago.  They’re a bit slow, but they got there eventually.  The usual stuff from Ron’s defenders…

In the meantime, Republicans in the House are trying to look as if they aren’t completely failing to be able to govern.  They have some real concerns about next year.

There are some good things so far about this election cycle.  First, a certain former governor has faded mostly into obscurity, becoming as irrelevant much later than anyone thought after 2008.  From the looks of the most recent polls and news, a certain batshit crazy member of the House from Minnesota will be joining her in the “Who?” category.  Couldn’t happen to a better pair.

I’m sure that when Republican strategists look back, they’ll have a conclusion about their decision to pander to the most extreme elements on the Right.



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3 responses to “Friday meandering

  1. Lol Norbrook, love your picture diaries! Have a wonderful New Year celebration if you indulge in that….

    Later, Dude ♥!

  2. On TPM, they’ve got a story about Ron Paul regaling an Iowa campaign audience about the UN “coming to get your land” and other such tinfoil conspiracies. His campaign implodes in 3….2…1…
    It just goes to show just how weak the GOP field really is. When their most electable candidate makes John Kerry look charismatic, they’re in deep doo doo.

    • It’s amazing that he still trots out those tired conspiracies, which went the way of the dodo long ago. I remember when Lou Dobbs flushed his credibility down the drain with it.

      That such nitwittery makes them among the “top contenders” in the GOP really tells me that the GOP is in serious trouble as a party.