Two years, 280 posts, 66,000+ Hits.

A little over two years ago, I realized something.   I had a lot of “stuff”  that was sitting in word processing files on my computer, “draft posts” as it were, and I didn’t really know what to do with them.  Oh, I was blogging, but it was political blogging at a few sites, and to be honest, none of them were appropriate for what I had.    While I’m a news junkie, and interested in politics,  it’s not the only thing – or even the major thing – I’m interested in.  I hated to waste that other stuff, so after looking around at various blogging sites, I decided to create the blog you see here.   This would be my personal blog, the place where I could write about whatever happened to interest me at the moment.   Two years ago today, the first post went up.

It was another month before the next one – I was very busy on Daily Kos at the time – and the next few detailed my decision to leave Daily Kos.   Yes, since then I’ve written a lot about politics here, but I’ve also written about parks, a lot of humor posts, including my infamous “LOLPictures” ones, and science and technology.  Heck there are even a couple of book and web comic posts in the mix there.  But mainly, I’ve ended up commenting on politics, which falls under the “so much for that plan” category.

What’s changed this past year is the number of readers I’m getting.  The first 8 months of this blog, I was averaging less than 10 hits a day.  In the next 4, it went up to to around 30.  This past year, that figure is way beyond that.   The “66,000 hits” are mostly from this past year.  While I’d like to flatter myself by thinking that the  “boom” in hits was due to my efforts, it was actually due to fortuitous stupidity on the part of  Glenn Greenwald.  Which is fine by me, I appreciated the readers that I gained by it.

What did I learn this year, that I’m going to take into next year?   For one thing, that I’m not going to publish  “I’m on hiatus” posts, since most of those ended up with me breaking the hiatus fairly quickly.  That doesn’t mean that there won’t be breaks, often long ones at times, because there will.    I go through cycles where I can turn out two or three blog posts a day, and others where I can’t work up the effort to do anything.   I also have a life outside of the blogs, and that takes priority over writing posts.

Which is something for new readers here to remember.  This is my personal blog, and that means I will jump between subjects  when the mood strikes, and if I feel like writing something.    If something does interest me enough at the moment to write about, it’ll show up here,  unless it’s something I feel is better on Blue Wave News or over at The Albany Project.  Some people elsewhere (i.e.; people I’ve irritated) have stated that hits and “money” were my motivation for writing some of my “frustrati” posts.   Funny, I was writing them long before this blog started getting more than a handful of hits, so I don’t think that’s the case.  It also isn’t about money.  This is a plain WordPress blog, which means there is no advertising.  In other words, having more hits doesn’t equate to  money.  Yes, it’s nice to have the hits, but as I said back in June, I don’t get paid for this.

I also have no interest in making blogging a career, or becoming a “personality,” thank you.   Yes, I do have an ego, and it’s very gratifying to see that people are reading this, either liking it or having screaming conniption fits over it.   The screaming conniption fits aren’t here, but I do know they’re happening.   As gratifying as it is, I also recognize that in reality I’m not all that major a player, and  I’m not going to be.  I’m fine with that, in fact, I’m rather happy with things as they are.

So what’s coming up for next year?  Well, it’s a presidential election year, so expect to see a lot of posts on what the Republicans are doing, along with issue posts.  I also plan on smacking any idiots on the Left who can’t grasp the simple concept that allowing Republicans control of the government is an outstandingly bad idea.  I’m  hoping to get around to revamping some things here.  One of aspects I’ve let slide has been getting the the tags and categories correctly assigned to older posts, and it means that this blog isn’t as searchable as it could be.   I may also be changing formats, along with doing some links weeding and reorganizing.  There’s a lot of blogs out there, and I’m sure I’m missing a number of them, along with a few which are on my list which have gone on hiatus or “dark.”

So, thanks to everyone who has taken the time to read what I write.  It’s been fun to read the comments, as well as seeing reactions.  I do appreciate it, and I hope you’ll keep reading.  But don’t expect to agree with me on everything. 😆



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18 responses to “Two years, 280 posts, 66,000+ Hits.

  1. Well-deserved congratulations on your anniversary, Norbrook. Would you like to share a macadamia?

  2. Congratulations on your two years, Norbrook. 🙂 I think you have a lot to be proud of. Keep on doing what you’re doing. I like it.

  3. overseasgranny

    Congratulations, Norbrook. Initially I followed you over here for the LOL’s, but decided to hang around for the better stuff.
    After posting a slew of diaries and over 58,000 comments on DKos, I’ve gone into semi-retirement. I no longer feel I have to contest every slur on the President. I am comfy in the place where I am at the moment and have nothing I want to say to the world that others are not already saying. It’s a nice break, but I am sure I will have to come back as we get closer to the election.

    • You’re much more patient than I was. Here’s what people see when they look up my DK profile these days:

      Diaries published: 0
      Comments posted: 6364 (453 days since last comment on Fri Sep 24, 2010 at 01:37 PM PDT)
      Diary frequency: never
      Comment frequency: frequent
      Total Recommends: 4725
      Total Comment Ratings: 65848

      A “clue” to people who look at it are the “tags associated” with me – “Recommmended” appears a lot along with “Rescued.” I took off all my diaries on the way out the door. Honestly, I consider DK a lost cause. I think what will happen to it is what happened to other sites that ended up on the wrong side of history. It’ll become one of those minor fringe sites that “used to be popular.” BTW, if you’re interested, BWN is looking for more people. 😉

  4. trs

    Congrats on two years, Norbrook! I’m glad I found out about your site. It’s always well written and thoughtful. Thank you for what you do. Since I rarely (if ever) inhabit dK anymore, I may try to figure out a place to do the occasional photo piece – or maybe start my own blog, who knows. Again, thank you from a pragmatic progressive.

    • WordPress is free. 😉 I added the Pootie Queen as an author here a while back, and she did a few, but I haven’t heard from her in a while. 😦

      • trs

        Shoot her an e-mail. I see she’s having others do quite a few of the diaries on the GCS, so she might have some time…

  5. Lori

    Congrats!! I love coming here since I bailed out of “GlennGreenwald’s” . Keep up the good work and telling the truth, Ruth!! 🙂

  6. sjterrid

    Congratulations on your second anniversary, Norbrook. This is your blog you should write about any topic you want. Your writing is always excellent.

  7. As a moderate, I’ve come to enjoy being able to read the progressive viewpoints here without my blood pressure becoming outrageously high. 🙂

    Congrats on your anniversary and I hope to wish you well through many more.

    • Thanks! 😀 I tend to stay away from most of those sites myself, along with the more rabid “conservative” 🙄 sites. It’s not my blood pressure I worry about, it’s that I do have a life, and every time they intrude on my consciousness, I get busy blogging. 😆

  8. Great blog — and I think you have the right attitude. Blog for yourself based on what you’re interested in, and readers will appreciate that!

  9. Eeek!! You “moved” into your rec room. 😉

    It is fun to blog when it is a hobby instead of a mission … keep up the good work, Norbrook.

  10. Hi Norbrook,

    Congrats on your second anniversary. I am a new follower but have loved all the posts I’ve read and look forward to your slant in the undoubtedly crazy year in politics to come.