Much Ado About Nothing: The Frustrati Hyperventilate … Again.

This past weekend has been rather interesting, looking around the blogs.   I see a lot of posts listed on Digg talking about the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) and how it’s going to create a “police state.”   Yes, according to them, posse commitatus was being overturned, and the military was going to be snatching people off the streets and slapping them into indefinite detention!  Here in this country!  It was awful, terrible, a betrayal of progressives by the President!  Oh, he went back on his promise to veto it!   Just awful, right?  Except that what they were talking about wasn’t in the bill.

Everything they complained about was based on amendments and proposals as the bill wound its way through the legislative grinder.   Which the President threatened to veto if those were in the final bill.   After discussing it with the Administration, they took them out of the final bill, and just left things as they were, with a few extra restrictions when it came to military detentions.  How do I know that?  Because there are people like Milt Shook, along with sites like Angry Black LadyMother Jones and The People’s View who, instead of running off with their hair on fire went and listened to the debates in Congress, and read the final bill.

You wouldn’t know that if you only read Glenn Greenwald, or any of the other members of the Professional Left.  They were busily handing flammable hair gel and matches to people.   Yes, they could have taken a day or so to wait and see what was in the bill, but that wouldn’t drive as much “outrage” or fit into their preferred narrative that the President was “a failure.”   The results were predictable, and yes, their frustrati followers promptly lit the matches and ran around the blogosphere screaming.

This isn’t the first time this has happened.    It happens on a regular basis.  They get worked up over something Greenwald, Hamsher, Moore, Olbermann, or some other member of the Professional Left said.  Then it turns out that what they’re saying wasn’t true, or was something that didn’t happen, when looked at carefully.  By that time though, they’re already on to the next outrage.  You see, the PL know that the frustrati are reliable.  They won’t bother to sit and examine something, they just enjoy being worked up.  They’re easy to play, and once again they got played.  Pity that that hasn’t sunk in yet to the frustrati.



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  1. They’re a sad joke at this point, but a dangerous one, too, alas. The last thing we need heading into the election is a cadre of pseudo-Cassandras screeching doom to the Democrats.

    • I have seen that crap posted on sites where the author should have known better. They’re all reacting to various statements and amendments that were proposed, or in the draft legislation, not the final bill. To make it worse, they are presenting that as if it was in the final bill, which it’s not. Many of them are doing it cynically, and others just because they couldn’t be bothered to stop for 5 minutes and do a fact-check. What makes this particularly egregious is that it’s resulting in death threats.

      • Peddling this junk under the guise of being a progressive is bad enough. I just wish once in a while the frustrati followers would realize that. I don’t mind the criticism from the PL but where’s the balance and truth?

        • I’ve given up trying to be nice to them about it. I figure if they can’t learn after the n’th time of having egg on their faces, they either like having egg on their face or they’re just stupid.

        • ArrogantDemon

          This being a professional victim is a religion and faith system to them now, much how Ayn rand is a religion to some on the right, and its god damn creepy.

  2. Hola Norbrook. I’ve been off the net for the weekend due to celebration of my niece’s graduation from nursing school. I have a bit of a hangover from too much good food and way too much good alcohol. Taking 3 shots of “Gunny Morgan” (Captain Morgan rum) with our Marines who were also celebrating the end to Iraq has taken it’s toll on this old woman! So I’m feeling…..

    Very pissed off at these ignorant PL and their lemming followers who can’t be bothered to READ or even WAIT for the final results from Congress and WH. This BS from their spewing cesspits is not only double stupid but (Can I use the ‘F’ bomb here?) so fucking dangerous! Damn their sorry asses to a hell of cholla cactus and constant dust devils!

    Well, that cleared my sinuses! Now I will be doing some more reading and sorry for the swears.

    • It’s why I’m terminally ticked off at them too. In any legislative process, there’s amendments and “proposed language” that gets thrown about by various representatives, and some make into that particular chamber’s bill. Then the Senate gets their crack at it, and the same thing happens. Neither one of those are the “final bill.” What is very clear from reading the entire discussion is that what was in one chamber’s version, and some discussion about leaving it in another, caused the President to issue a threat to veto if that language remained. If you look the actual final bill, the language which caused the veto threat has been removed, hence the President will sign it.

      What the frustrati are screaming about – and really, I’ve seen rants posted today from people that normally know better – is the draft versions. It’s the equivalent of my looking at an early script treatment for a movie, and pronouncing it “sucks” long before it ever has a final script and gets made. 🙄

      • I so ♥ how you can write so well and not have your own head explode. I get so angry that I just lose it with these people which is why I avoid them as much as I would the plague.

    • ArrogantDemon

      God bless you and yours, and the troops you pounded down with, it was more then deserved.

  3. LAC

    Good luck expecting anything from the likes of the PL. Especially, Greenwald. All he is good for is “updating” his bullshit blog and trying to cover his flabby ass. He would sooner die than admit that he was wrong. All he does know is cut and paste the Guardian links, add some hyperbole, and wait for his minions to fall over themselves gushing over his writing.

  4. I won ‘t repeat it, but you already know how I feel about the PL, frustrati, and firebaggers, Norbrook. If they were trapped in a burning house and PBO was there and willing to lead them to safety, they’d listen to someone like GG and end their lives as crispy critters, willing to “die” to maintain their “purity.” Sickening.

  5. Here’s the thing: I live in an uber-leftie area and normally my Facebook page and email would be afire about something like this. Crickets. Try as the PL might to ignite this at the rank and file level, I’ve seen zero evidence that this has penetrated even the laziest filters. I think this is an epic fail on the part of the PL…nobody’s rising to the bait in my neck of the woods.

    • Eric

      I can confirm this as well Tien, the usual person on my Facebook page that links to GigI crap – nothing. Maybe they are starting to lose their touch.

    • I think what shocked me more was that I was seeing “hair on fire” reactions from people like Phil Plait over at Bad Astronomy, along with some others who normally don’t do this. Which told me that the misinformation had spread a little too far, and needed to be stepped on in a hurry.

  6. ArrogantDemon

    Every “outrage” is a way to generate blog hits, youtube views and ad dollars, am I wrong to be that cynical.

    I cannot suffer these whiners though 2012, thats gonna be a psychological drain along with what f-ery the right is planning as election day gets closer.

    • Oh absolutely. Kos allowed the firebaggers to take over his site because they boosted the hit count. Jane has her “tantrums” when she wants to get people’s wallets open to donate to one of her PAC’s – which also just happen to pay her – and you know Moore and Greenwald are pushing the whole outrage thing to not only increase their own revenue streams, but also deflect attention away from their … less than admirable … behavior.