Caturday Miscellaneous

Yes, it’s Caturday!  Early to rise …

and time to go back to bed.  Some people don’t like LOLcats

But that’s their problem.

I understand why people don’t always like cats

and attribute evil motives to their actions

But they’re still going to be around

no matter where you go on the Internet

It’s probably because they’re cute

I’m sure that I’ve had a point here, but I just need to get myself together

But I do know that I



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8 responses to “Caturday Miscellaneous

  1. Adorable, Norbrook. 🙂 Thanks for the laughs!

    • You’re welcome. 😀 I had a bunch of pictures I’ve collected over time that I really couldn’t put anywhere before this, and decided to come up with something to reduce the backlog. 😆

  2. trs

    Great one, Norbrook. I needed this today!

  3. The one with the toilet paper is absolutely priceless.

  4. sjterrid

    How can anyone not like LOLcats? Thank you Norbrook, my favorite is the cute kitty that wants a cheezeburger.

  5. Linda Medin

    Very cool, Norbrook! The post and the lynx is my favorite.

  6. yanyan0909

    Thanks for the laughs you bring!!! It is priceless…..