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Rick Santorum is still talking about gays and how they’re ruining society.    As a few places have pointed out, he’s obsessed with “Teh Gays”   and wondering if he’s in the closet.   I wonder that myself sometimes.   Look, I’m straight.  The amount of time I spend thinking about what gays are doing in their bedrooms?  Almost none at all.  Really, I don’t care.    It doesn’t interest me, and the only time I ever think about it is when someone runs on and on about it.    But on the other hand, the people over the years I’ve heard talking about it incessantly?  Generally they’ve ended up at some point being caught with a gay prostitute, or getting outed.

I try to distinguish between ignorance and stupidity.  Ignorance just means “didn’t know.”  Stupid is “did know, but went ahead anyway.”    That’s why I’m confident in saying that Alabama’s Republicans are stupid.    Why?  Well, even Georgia thinks that.

Georgia implemented a similar scheme to deal with its post-immigration-law exodus, but the program had mixed results, with many inmates walking off the job early. In fact, some in Georgia were amazed Alabama did not learn from their mistakes before implementing an immigration law that jeopardized agricultural and construction industries. “It was like, ‘Good Lord, you people can’t be helped. Have you all not been paying attention?’” said Bryan Tolar, president of the Georgia Agribusiness Council.

Apparently not, or they decided to indulge in the classic definition of “insanity” and expected different results.  But yes, stupid, particularly when it turns out that the new law required arresting a visiting executive from a company with a major auto plant in your state.

There’s a saying:  “Cutting off your nose to spite your face.”  It definitely applies to various “single issue” voters and groups.   They get pissed off because they didn’t get their way, or everything they wanted, and they threaten to “stay home.”  Which then leads to them losing everything else they had.   What makes me think this?  This article:

Some of the same women who helped President Barack Obama win the White House in 2008 now say they may be angry enough to stay home in 2012 in the wake of a controversial decision to block the over-the-counter sale of the morning-after pill to girls.

Lots of hyperbole in various groups’ statements.   Really?  Let the Republican candidate win because of this?  Then these same women will have no call to complain when Republicans ban all abortions, along with a number of birth control methods.    It’s part of their platform, so any comparisons between a Democratic President and a Republican one are just plain stupid on their part.

Anyone who didn’t think that racism plays a significant part in the Tea Party sections of the Republican Party hasn’t been paying attention.  Just look at the recent outbreak of “birther” activity, including New Hampshire:

But it turns out that there are at least nine elected Republican reps who have lined up behind Taitz’s effort, signing a Nov. 17 letter attached to an election law complaint against Obama.

Yup, it’s not just a bunch of cranks on the Internet, there’s quite a few elected representatives in their ranks.  There’s been moves to “challenge” listing the President on primary ballots in several states.    As some Republicans are finding out the hard way, it’s not just because he’s a Democrat.  Now they’re after various “brown”  politicians.

Is it just me, or is there something inherently hypocritical about a Congressman who spent the better part of the 80’s rabidly supporting a religious terrorist group holding hearings about the potential for terrorist activity in another religious group?

Unsurprisingly, Rick Perry shows he’s not very bright.

why did Barack Obama really want to allow gays to openly serve in the military? So that “our kids can’t openly celebrate Christmas” is Rick Perry’s somewhat counter-intuitive solution to this mystery according to his new campaign ad

He released a web ad which has drawn nothing but hoots of derision – even from Republicans.  To stand out as “I can’t believe you said that!” in that crowd takes some doing.   If only Molly Ivins had lived to see this.

Stephen Colbert demonstrated why he’s one of the most brilliant satirists in politics.  He offered money from his super PAC to the South Carolina Republican Party if they’d add a question to the primary ballot asking if corporations are people or only people are people.  They agreed.

But Democratic operative Tyler Jones says Republicans in the state should be apoplectic about their party chairman working with someone who makes a living spoofing Republicans. “I don’t know any Republican who is dumb enough to make a deal with Stephen Colbert and expect it not to blow up in their face,” he says. “Now I do: Chairman Chad Connelly. Who else is he making deals with? Bernie Madoff?”

Unfortunately, South Carolina’s Supreme Court banned all questions from being on primary ballots.  Darn.



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  1. I’m with you, Norbrook. Molly Ivins would have had a great time eviscerating Perry, Newt and company over their bullshit.

    • ArrogantDemon

      Molly: Rick Perry is doing what? Newt Gingrich is the front runner?
      Dammit, send me back now

      St. Peter: Sorry Molly, you know the rules

  2. I have missed Molly Ivins so much! That woman had a wit like a razor and a scathing way with words that I really enjoyed. They used to print her column in my Repugnant rag. Whenever I say her byline I knew I was in for a treat.

  3. vic78

    The stupidity knows no bounds. Are they going to call it lunchgate? I’m waiting on them to notice that the President and First Lady wear clothes in public. You know Pol Pot and Hitler also wore clothes in public.

    There’s no way in hell you can be Potus and declare war on Christmas. That’s almost impeachable.

    If Santorum is closeted, then that Google thing makes a lot of sense. I remember Rick Perry’s comment about losing focus because Romney was smiling at him. I take it “Born this way” is on their Ipods.

    As far as Alabama Republicans’ stupidity goes, imagine how far gone the people that voted for them are. Mo Brooks says things on camera that would’ve embarrassed Archie Bunker. He won by a wide margin. I’m like Jeff Bridges on “True Grit.” “There’s nothing I can do for you.” I’ve grown to accept that some people aren’t very smart. Alabama’s destined to remain the village idiot in this country. I tell ’em to wear it with pride. I figure if you’re white and don’t eat your own excrement, you’re alienated. You already know how it goes if you aren’t white, Christian, or straight.

    • The Santorum result on Google was a result of a “google bombing” instigated by Dan Savage, and every time Santorum whines about it, it gets pushed up the list again. I just find it annoying as all get out that some Republicans are absolutely obsessed with gays.

      • vic78

        I feel that annoyance with anything they make an issue out of.

        • Unfortunately, it’s not just Republicans who get incredibly stupid, but they seem to have most of the market share. The previous post here got “mentioned” elsewhere, and lord, the stupid is strong. 🙄 I can feel the wind from points whipping over their head.

          I’m getting to the stage where I think a citizenship test should be required before one is allowed to register to vote. I guarantee you most of the extremes on either side would fail miserably.

    • You might laugh but when I lived in Mississippi, lots of people there sneered at Alabamans as “ignorant and backward.” Go figure!

      Considering that AZ passed SB1070, I will save “sneering” for the teapotty Repugnants in my state and the ignorant racists who voted for them.

      Az has paid a heavy price for SB1070 which isn’t nearly as restrictive as Alabama’s law. The Alabama racists are fools and they will suffer because of this.

      What I can’t understand is that their ratio of Latinos is low compared to lots of other places, they don’t share a border with Mexico and many of their Latinos are migrants who follow the harvest work, yet they pick this group to punish.

      I should not feel glee at their troubles which will get worse over time but I can’t help myself. The laws of unintended consequences and Karma often BITE! I do feel sorry for the good people who live there and have to suffer along with the goatfiggers.

      • What I found amazing was that it wasn’t as if they didn’t have an example right next door. Georgia passed their version, and it gutted their agricultural sector. As in multimillion (if not a billion) dollar losses, and farmers looking at potentially going out of business. Normal state legislators might have looked at that, and thought “maybe we shouldn’t do that.” Instead, Alabama passed an even more stringent one, and in a “who could have predicted?” 🙄 result, did not only the same thing, but managed to drive out a good percentage of their legal immigrant population to boot. Which not only hammered their farmers, but the processing plants as well. Oh, and it turns out that it’s really good for arresting car company executives visiting from overseas – twice. 😯

        I do share in that glee. I figure if they’re that stupid, they deserve everything they get from it. If the people that voted for them in the first place found out that “dogma” has painful consequences, well, maybe they’ll learn. Pain is educational. If they don’t learn, well, they can just keep on suffering.

    • ArrogantDemon

      Its that way with righties and PLs, leave them be, and hope they dont infect others with willful ignorance and help those who need it

  4. They’ll keep on voting for Republicans. They’re Southerners, and Southerners are stubborn. They’d rather exist on Food Stamps and Welfare than admit they were wrong and vote for people who can actually get the economy going down there. I should know-I’m descended from Southerners, although my people came from Arkansas, not Georgia.

    • Well, they’d have trouble existing for very long, since the Republicans want to do away with food stamps and welfare. 😉 Then again, I understand that there’s job openings in fieldwork on farms. 😛

  5. ArrogantDemon

    Save who you can, but leave the dead with the dead.

    I tried listening to Nicole Sandler on Randi Rhodes, and once she got in about how the President made a secret deal to kill the public option bull, well, that ended that, I’ll wait till Randi comes back on

    People just want to be willfully ignorant, and do so until they get negatively impacted by it, and even then, will they finally learn