Ah well, It’s Saturday.

A day to relax, catch up on sleep,  recover from Black Friday, recharge your batteries…

The day before Thanksgiving was ominous

Yes, we had 8″ of wet snow.  Fortunately, the roads were plowed and the weather cleared for Thanksgiving, so everyone was able to get together for a small dinner

Fortunately, we were all in shape thanks to continuing work-outs to prepare for this.

And we’re sure no one will have any aftereffects of any overindulgence

Although we generally avoid talking politics at family events, even the Republicans in the family thought that the current Republican candidates were listening to the wrong people when it came to the direction they wanted to take the party.

Then we went back for desserts, again restraining ourselves.

Not without a discussion on the selection, though.

Everything ended well, and all left happy and full.  A good time was had by all, although the looming Black Friday sales were discussed, and some were talking about going.



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2 responses to “Ah well, It’s Saturday.

  1. Loooove it!

    I hope you had a good Thanksgiving despite the snow. I don’t envy where you live, well maybe just a little bit in the Summer when it’s 115 here.

    • I used to be much more cold-tolerant when I was younger. These days, I seriously think about becoming a snowbird. 😉 Now, if I could just figure out a way to persuade my boss that seriously, I could work from … somewhere out of the area … 😆