Just another Sunday

Another week is over, and the ever-shifting polls on which Republican candidate is “leading” continue.  But after watching a series of debates

Newt is now once again rising in the polls despite his … explanation … of his payment for being an historian for Freddy and Fanny

While the harassment accusations caused Herman Cain to drop

and Rick Perry tries to recover from his debate debacles

Michele Bachmann, in the meantime decided to speak out about Newt, and talk foreign policy

Mitt Romney continues his strategy to win the nomination

Jon Huntsman tries to get attention

and Ron Paul still has his fans

It’s not easy being a Republican these days!

Oh well, just to brighten your day



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2 responses to “Just another Sunday

  1. Color me easily amused but I love your animal pic diaries, however no cats? Cats may stage an ‘ON’ (Occupy Norbrook) and their “Mic Check” could be really annoying especially if Siamese are involved.

    Just a friendly warning and ♥ to you, as always!

    • I’m a dog person, and, having missed Caturday, decided to do a Sundog posting. 😀 Some kittehs did try to infiltrate this posting:

      But fortunately, the security group were able to apprehend them.