Veterans Day 11-11-11

Every year, young people, for a variety of reasons, walk into a recruiting office and join the military.

The first stop is basic training

Where they find out that they’re not very good at things.

Which they’re told constantly by those impossibly competent drill instructors yelling at them.

Causing them to wonder why they joined

But eventually they get it right

Sometimes, they end up going to war

Although they hoped it wouldn’t happen

Some come home changed

while others don’t come home at all

Today is the day we honor those who served, and continue to serve.  Happy Veterans Day!



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3 responses to “Veterans Day 11-11-11

  1. That’s the cutest Veterans’ tribute ever.

  2. sjterrid

    Thank you for your service, and for posting this wonderful tribute to our veterans.

    • You’re welcome. I was going to do something deep and meaningful, but then went “to heck with it.” 😆 One of the things I did take away from my service was a warped sense of humor. 😉