Curing the Summertime Blues

As readers of this blog are aware, back in June, I announced that I was putting this blog on hiatus for the summer.    It didn’t go quite as I expected, as I announced the obvious in August, that I was going to be intermittently posting.   Still, all the factors that were behind the hiatus still were there, which is, my work.

While most people regard summer as “vacation time,” for me it’s the time when my work schedule goes into overdrive, and I’m away from computers for long periods of time.   All of which is not conducive to regular blogging.

I thought that this year might be a little better than usual, in that I could manage to keep a somewhat regular schedule, both here and at Blue Wave News.  What I didn’t expect was a 500 year flood to start the year, along with personnel turnover at work.   Which meant delays in getting started, and increased work to cover the gaps.  My blogging plans had to be thrown out, because when you get to a point where “something’s got to give,” the what “gives” is the part that isn’t paid.   I thought things had settled down, but then Hurricane Irene and Tropical Storm Lee put another wrench into the gears.

That part of the job is mostly over now, and I’m going to be spending more time in front of a computer.    You can expect to see me start gearing up as a blogger in the next few weeks, although some people may take exception to or be offended by what I write.

I have been paying attention to the news, and in particular what the Republicans have been up to.

Along with that, what the so-called “professional Left” and “fauxgressives” are trying to sell.

So expect to see more of me, here, and at Blue Wave News.  The cure for the summertime blues is that the summer is over, and I’m going to be getting into blogging mode again.



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9 responses to “Curing the Summertime Blues

  1. …although some people may take exception to or be offended by what I write.

    And this is bad why?

  2. ♥ Norbrook but I really doubt you could ever “offend” me. I so enjoy your blog, your comments and your perspective on politics. You have a lot of knowledge and experience that I have learned from. So this part of the choir says a big AMEN, SING IT BROTHER, & FIRE AWAY!

    • Oh, give me a moment or two, and I’m sure I could offend anyone. 😀

    • Nathan Katungi

      Aquagranny, I totally co-sign your commentary! I think Norbrook is one of the most well grounded, astute, political analyst/ commentator. I’ve learned a great deal from Norbrook’s blog posts as well as the commentaries on sites like TPV; especially about the nuts and bolts of what it takes to win elections from the ground up. Norbrook’s political knowledge, grounded in reality of politics at local and state levels, is what we need at this time if Democrats plan to regain control of Congress.

  3. sjterrid

    I’m really glad that you will be back to writing on your blog.

    • I’m easing back into it. I still have to shift a lot of mental gears, and finish up a bunch of stuff for work. While that means I’m going to be in front of a computer and not out in the middle of nowhere – although this area normally counts as that anyways 😉 – I still have to get back to “write a blog” as opposed to “hey, that would be a good subject, if I had the time.” 😆