Monday Musings

Yes, it’s another Monday, and the start of a work week.  That’s not always greeted with enthusiasm, but whether we like it or not, it’s going to happen.  After the past weekend, I guess that we could say that it’s a break, but still …

Well, let’s see, there was another Republican debate which proved one thing

Because they all have the same pattern

and embrace religion and business interests over science and common decency.  I think it’s a ritual they all have to go through.

On the Democratic side, President Obama gave a speech  in front of the Congressional Black Caucus after they’d been attacking him, and  I think they found out that he’s a little …. irritated … with them.

The professional Left has been beating the drums of why Obama is “insufficiently liberal,” and should be primaried.  Led by Ralph Nader and Cornel West, they are “looking for a candidate” (read, Ralph Nader).  Right.  Here’s my response to them:

Yeah, I know, there’s going to be some fauxgressives somewhere reading this who are going to be upset and offended by that.

Which, while true, doesn’t mean I’m going to stop.

But if they want to argue the point, no problem.



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10 responses to “Monday Musings

  1. tangles

    Great pics, Norbrook! They’re all terrific but I especially love the last one. Most of the crybaby poutragers who whine about hippie punching wouldn’t know a hippie if she actually punched him. I hate that trite expression.

    • Thanks. 🙂 Most of them have bought into the fantasy of what the hippies were about – and most of them would be aghast at the real hippies. 🙄

      My own response to the whiners about “hippie punching” is “You need to punched. Get in line.” 😆

  2. Astonishing that Nader and the Naderites seem to have learned nothing from the 2000 debacle. They need to keep their attention on the Republicans and realize where the actual problem is.

    Hopefully this time most Democrats have enough brains to ignore the navel-gazing ego-trippers. A primary challenge means nothing if it attracts no support.

    Pictures #2 and #4 say it. We can’t afford to screw around with internal bickering when the consequences of letting that bunch win even more power next year would be so dire.

    • Exactly, they haven’t. On both sides, this isn’t about reality, it’s about defending what they feel is the “true belief” and even more importantly, keeping attention on themselves. The nitty-gritty stuff of governing is just too, too plebian to be bothered with.

  3. ♥ Norbrook. My favorite was the green eyed basement cat looking for a stick. I’d like to join him some days. Asiangrrl at POU promised to make me a rusty pitch fork like hers. Then I could both beat and poke. I’m feeling just a bit cranky this AM.

  4. sjterrid

    Thank you for the laughs. My favorite is the bear chasing the wolf.

  5. Dancer

    I, too, have to vote for “the stick”…but after retreiving it from it’s resting place I’d use to beat THE SUCKY MEDIA!!!