Monday – Just because I can (updated)

It’s Monday, and (I guess) the end of the Great Daily Kos Boycott.  We’ll see how it works out, but as I said, I don’t hold out a lot of hope for any permanent changes over there.   On an administrative note, I’ve changed around the organization of my blogroll, after some comments in the previous post.  There are blogs I read regularly – if not every day, at least twice a week – and blogs that I read once in a while, or which have an interesting slant.  The blogroll now reflects that.  What’s been fun has been to watch the DK exiles find out that they’re not alone.

At the beginning of the summer I said I was going to be taking a hiatus, because my work takes me away from computers from long stretches of time.   I’m still doing that until winter sets in, and although I enjoy blogging, working where I do has other benefits.  Answering important environmental questions,

and watching nature in all its beauty and cruelty

It does beat watching the Republicans jockeying for the Presidential nomination!

I do pay attention to the news, though, and I recently saw that PETA is planning a porn site.  No, really!  I don’t think it’s going to have the effect they think it will, but then again, I’m used to strange things.

I am not a vegan, and the reason can be summed up with on word:  Bacon.

But the economy has caused some problems on that front

Ah well, time to wrap it up and go do something else.

Update:  Just because they’re cool!




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8 responses to “Monday – Just because I can (updated)

  1. trs

    Funny post! The bear one reminded me – we saw two black bears yesterday while we were Shenandoah National Park. They were both walking in the woods about 50′ from the road we were driving on. Just going about their business, not bothering anyone, and nobody bothering them – the way it should be.

    I like the reorganized blogroll. It also gives me some new sites to check out.

    • Thanks! I haven’t done one of these in a while, but I was just in the mood today. 😀 Bears are opportunists – they’ll always take an easy meal. This year was a good year for them in terms of producing natural forage in the woods. Lots of berries, plants, and other foods they eat. Its when people get careless, or there isn’t as much forage, that they start to hit towns and campgrounds for food. Once they get used to associating people with food, it’s a problem, which usually ends up with the bear being killed. 😥

      I’ve been meaning to reorganize things here for a while. I have a huge blog list on my browser, but really, even when I have spare time, I can’t get to read all of them on a regular basis. Not all of them are in the blogroll, and some are ‘on hiatus’ or ‘no longer active.’

      • trs

        Speaking of opportune bears, we have had one on our property that we’re going to build our house on. We’ve had a neighbor cutting down trees where the house will stand (he gets to keep all the wood – fair trade, we thought). I went up to the land a couple weeks ago, and there was bear scat on the property. It appears that a bear has been eating some of the foliage from the cut down trees.

  2. BACON!!! Slobber, drool! Bacon has its very own important food group!

    Great diary and thanks for the laughs ♥

  3. Environmentalists unfortunately could not save this tree:

    Thanks for the link, Norbrook. I was perusing my Dashboard and noticed that I got a referral and thought, oh noes, what have I done now.

    You are right … a lot of DKos writing refuges have found homes elsewhere. I can recommend Winning Progressive and the Motley Moose is pretty fun. Blackwaterdog is on hiatus.

  4. sjterrid

    Thanks Norbrook I like the new blogroll, and I see a lot of the blogs that I visit on the list. I liked the Jedi Kittens. LOL

    • Thanks. 🙂 I still have others that I’ll eventually get around to adding. I’m always finding “new” blogs, but they’re not always ones I’m reading on a regular basis, and there’s the issue of trying to keep things I want people to see front and center. 🙂 So I may be doing some additional tinkering in the future.

  5. KayCeSF

    Hi Norbrook! 😀
    I really hate Mondays.
    I really love the Jedi Kittehs. Too cute!