Administrative Notes

As various readers may have noticed, my “hiatus” which was supposed to be until mid-September didn’t last.  I really didn’t count on various idiocies blowing up in July, and being the opinionated person I am, I managed to come up with a few posts.   So the hiatus is no longer in effect, but the factors that led me to put this blog on hiatus are.   My work schedule hasn’t gotten any lighter, and I’m still spending a lot of time away from computer access.   That situation isn’t going to change until the end of October (maybe), so expect any postings to be … spotty.

As a function of my schedule, I’ve cut the comments allowed period back to 5 days.  It’s my way of trying to keep on top of things, and not get caught up in long threads.  For any new commenters, please note that I still have to approve your first comment.   Because of my schedule, I may not see it for several hours, or even a day, so please don’t feel you’re being ignored. Yes, I could change that, but weeding out the spam comments is not on my list of things I want to do.


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