I’m Not Responsible For Your Laziness, and Neither Is The President

There’s a great post over at The Angry Black Lady Chronicles called “Confessions of an Obamabot,”  which I recommend reading.  It’s drawing a lot of conniption fits from the various frustrati, professional left, and firebaggers.  This part caught my attention:

And keep in the back of your mind that Barack Obama was a known centrist long before 2008. He was never a liberal. I knew that when I voted for him. Why have so many others forgot? Or did they just assume he was a liberal because of his skin color and never bothered to check? That type of bigoted ignorance is not his fault.

Which is quite true.  In a different subject’s comment thread over at BPI, I said “Unlike the Hamsher’s and the frustrati, I don’t substitute my personal wish list for the platform that the candidate actually ran on.”

I’ve said this before, and I’ll say it again.   This President is doing what he said he was going to do when he was a candidate.  If I have had any surprises, it’s that he’s been able to do as much of what he said he was going to do, as he has.  That’s despite relentless and unified opposition from the Republican Party, along with the exercise in herding cats that constitutes the Democrats in Congress.

Now I was, if anything, a latecomer to which candidate I was going to support in the primaries.  I didn’t really pay much attention until late in 2007.   I had a life, which did not involve obsessing about the latest poll showing where the large number of candidates stood that day in popularity.   But when I did start paying attention, it was to actually spend the time going over what each candidate was saying, and what they were running on.   It was all out there in public, and yes, candidate Obama had a very large policy document posted right there on his web site for people to peruse.   So I knew exactly what he was running on.

But I guess that makes me unusual for an “progressive Democrat.”  Apparently the frustrati, the Professional Left, and the firebaggers assumed they knew what he was really running on, without all that bothersome effort of reading his platform, books, and listening to his speeches.   They were lazy.  They had a wish list, and figured that the black candidate was going to have the same list.   That it wasn’t reality doesn’t matter.

They want to scream about “betrayal?”  Just how? Because they didn’t get their wish list?  That’s not betrayal, that’s being too damn lazy to read what the candidates were saying was their platform!   That’s not the only time they’ve demonstrated that trait.  For all their bitching, and touting about how they’re “activists,” it turns out that most of them have no involvement with their local Democratic Party.   When it comes time to do the grunt work of finding and vetting candidates, they’re notably absent.  They’re too damn lazy to do anything except bitch about  the people who actually do show up and work.

I’m not responsible for their laziness, and neither is the President.   They are.  They can change that, but I doubt they will.  They can bitch all they want, but don’t expect me to put up with it.   If that makes me an “Obamabot,” then fine.  I’m one.  But you know what?  At least I’m willing to put forth the modicum of effort to read a platform, unlike them.   I’m not that lazy, but I’ll be damned if I have to do their reading as well.



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6 responses to “I’m Not Responsible For Your Laziness, and Neither Is The President

  1. majii

    Bravo, Norbrook!

    I didn’t sign onto BO’s campaign until the summer of 2008. I also did my research, so I knew what to expect. As far as I can tell PBO is doing exactly what Candidate BO said he’d do, which is why I stopped listening to the PL, firebaggers, and the Frustrati Crew over 2 years ago. It seemed to me that they were as delusional at times as the tea partiers. It’s also not my fault that they didn’t do their research. They got caught up in electing America’s first black president, but I didn’t even though I am also black. I’ve never voted for a candidate for any office without knowing where he/she stands on the issues I consider important to me and the country/state/city I live in. It makes life much simpler and is easier on my nerves.

    • I was earlier than that, in that I decided around the middle of January, 2008. 😀 The PL’s and frustrati’s disconnect from reality was obvious pretty early on. The constant blaming of PBO for not doing something that he never said he was going to do was a pretty big clue.

  2. Oh you are on fire, Norbrook! This is great and I’m so glad you mentioned that it’s important to be active in getting good local Dems elected. This is often where it all starts. All we have to do is think about where PBO began not that many years ago.

    I really have no use for people who just whine and complain but won’t get out to canvass, register voters, phone bank, or drive people to the polls. If you want to call yourself an activist, then be active!

    • For all their claims of influence and power, it’s readily apparent that when you look at what they’re actually achieving, they have none. Most of them can’t even tell you who is running their local government, let alone whether or not they’re progressive. It takes a lot of time, and work to get to the stage where you’re able to be as influential as they claim they are.

  3. Thanks for the BPI Campus shoutout, Norbrook.

    I think the Frustrati (I have started calling them the Frustridiots) are further isolating themselves right now and will sink even deeper into irrelevance. Now if we could just get the mainstream media to stop calling them up to get their “reaction”. Psst! Mainstream media … their reaction is predictable not newsworthy.

    • You’re welcome. 🙂 More recently, Hamsher’s meltdown has caused quite a few people to start backing away. The backlash from that, as well as the pragmatic liberal blogs continuing to hammer down on some of the PL – and getting attention for it – is starting to make the MSM realize that “hey, maybe they don’t speak for progressives!” 😆