Administrivia Announcement

As I said in last week’s post,  my time (and energy) to blog is at a minimum.  I’ve realized that the number of blogs I used to read regularly has shrunk down to low single digits, and even commenting on them has been limited.  In looking at my work schedule for the upcoming months,  not only will that state continue, it will actually get worse.   After spending the past few days thinking about it, I’ve decided to put this blog on hiatus until things lighten up – hopefully sometime in September – and turn off the comments.   While I enjoy blogging, and the give-and-take of the comments,  I don’t get paid to do this, and the things that do pay me take priority.  Everyone enjoy your summer, and I’ll see you in the fall.

Update: You may notice that the “hiatus” is not turning out to be a firm thing.  Every now and then, I’m going to pop in with something if the mood strikes, or something really sets me off.



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9 responses to “Administrivia Announcement

  1. sjterrid

    I’m sorry to see that you will be shutting down this blog for this summer, but I understand that your work and life comes first and I will miss your excellent writing. I will be looking forward to your return in the fall.

  2. Nathan Katungi

    Best of Luck on your Job and try to find time for RR during Summer. I will personally miss your enlightened posts and your wise commentaries.

    Have a wonderful Summer!

  3. kittypat

    I wish you the best too Norbrook, have a happy summer, slather on the Cutters and we’ll see you come the fall.

  4. Thanks for the heads up, Norbrook. Hope you continue to pop in at especially since you are one of our summer outdoor experts.

    • I will try, but you may have noticed that I went from “regular comments” to “quick pop-ins.” That’s a function of just how little time I really have to spend. Not only is my schedule going in high gear, one of the the other people just announced that they’re leaving, so it’s just adding more work to everyone’s plate for a while, until we can (hopefully) get someone else. Once fall comes, I start shifting more to “office mode,” which goes into full gear in winter, so I do have time to do other things.

  5. I’ll miss your calm thinking and good writing, and look forward to more come cooler weather.

  6. trs

    Have a good summer, Norbrook. See you in the fall.