Tuesday Tantrums

If things appear slow around here, it’s because I simply don’t have the time to sit down and blog.  What little free time I do have usually ends up being devoted to chores, with an occasional moment to comment on other blogs – and a decreasing number of them at that.  That doesn’t mean I’m not paying attention, or that I don’t have ideas for blog posts, it just means that my actual time and energy to do a post is extremely limited.   What gives me an occasional spurt of energy is when I see a set of mind-blowing stupidity in the news, and this week has had more than its share of it.

First off, Anthony Weiner.  He got caught sending risque photos to women on Twitter, along with making phone calls and “sexting.”  It’s not just that he got caught, he lied about it as well.   Saying I’m pissed off about this is an understatement.   It’s not just that he’s a Democrat, it’s that he’s been one of the leading voices for the Democrats, and he just threw that away.  Besides that, he made Andrew Breitbart credible.  Breitbart has  – justifiably – had a reputation for running with doctored “evidence” to create “scandals” for Democrats.  When looked at closely, it turns out he blew a lot of smoke, but there wasn’t any fire.   This time, there was, and regardless of what he does in the future, he’s got a patina of respectability he didn’t have before.   Speaking personally, I think Weiner was a damn idiot, who thought he could “smart” his way through this, and instead did things that are just fucking stupid.

On the Republican side, Sarah Palin has been conducting her Tour de Ignorance up the East coast.  So far, she’s managed to get numerous instances of American history wrong, along with blurting out complete fabrications on policy and recent events.  Every time I see a news story about her, I breathe a sigh of relief that she isn’t the Vice President.  Of course, when it comes to “stupid,” she’s got serious competition.  Michele Bachmann has decided (God spoke to her, you know) to run for President.  Which has started a bit of a war between her and Palin, as both vie for the brain-dead vote.

Speaking of Republicans, its turning out that most of the Tea Party sponsored governors are dropping in the polls.  Badly.  As in, they’re extremely unpopular.  It turns out that they’re maintaining their ideological purity, which is not conducive to running a state.  On the good news for Rick Scott standpoint, it looks like he’ll leave office in a few years remarkably better off than when he started.

On a personal note, I’ve been spending the past couple of days cleaning out my storage.  It’s not until you move, or do something like that, that you realize just how much stuff you accumulate!  As I was going through the boxes, I often had moments of asking myself “why did I keep this?”  Seriously, I have no idea of why I kept a set of Army manuals and course books, along with user manuals for a Commodore 128 computer.    I look it at as if it’s been sitting there for 8 years now, the odds that I really needed something is slim.  I’ve managed to cull down what took up  a good-sized storage area to 4 medium boxes.

The official word on the flooding here is that it was a 500-year flood.  Yes, we do have records stretching back over 100 years, and nothing has come close.  So, that makes it a “500-year” flood.   We’ve had good weather for the past week, and things are starting to dry out.  That doesn’t mean it’s “normal,” but it’s dryer.  Of course, this has also led to a bumper crop of biting insects.  The black flies are starting to decline, only to be replaced by hordes of mosquitoes.  All those nice temporary pools which the floods and rains created enabled a bumper crop.  I met two hikers coming in off the Northville-Lake Placid trail, and I’ve never in my life seen two people more bit up than these two.  If there was a patch of bare skin that didn’t have a bug bite,  it wasn’t visible.

Memorial Day is now past, but one of the “family” traditions we have is to visit the local cemetery, and plant flowers on the graves of those family members who are now gone.  There’s a lot of flags in this little cemetery, each of them marking where a veteran lies.   A lot of us left these mountains for a time, only to return, and here they rest.

Reminding me of the words of Psalm 121:

1I will lift up mine eyes unto the hills, from whence cometh my help.

2My help cometh from the LORD, which made heaven and earth.

3He will not suffer thy foot to be moved: he that keepeth thee will not slumber.

4Behold, he that keepeth Israel shall neither slumber nor sleep.

5The LORD is thy keeper: the LORD is thy shade upon thy right hand.

6The sun shall not smite thee by day, nor the moon by night.

7The LORD shall preserve thee from all evil: he shall preserve thy soul.

8The LORD shall preserve thy going out and thy coming in from this time forth, and even for evermore.



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12 responses to “Tuesday Tantrums

  1. majii

    You’re a very brave man, Norbrook. I need to go back into my closet, remove more clothing and shoes, and take them to the Goodwill. This will be Trip #3 into that closet in less than a year. Since I retired, I have no more use for office wear, except for a few pieces, and in these hard times, someone else could surely use the clothes and shoes.

    What I recall most about Weiner were his attacks on President Obama, especially the one in which he declared that the president is not a “values” person. I also recall how much of a darling “champion” he was to some of the PL/frustrati/firebagger crew. I wonder how they feel right about now? He should have come clean at the very beginning. I saw the pic, and imo, there wasn’t that much to it, but when Weiner chose to lie about it, the story took on a life of its own. For me, the big question now is whether he will allow the republicans to run him out of Congress. I hope he doesn’t since Vitter, Coburn, and other liars and rw moral scumbuckets are still there.

    As for Palin and Bachmann, I really don’t know what to say except that some Americans are the most gullible people in the world. Neither of these women are fit to lead anyone anywhere, and the MSM refuses to expose them as clueless, petty, lying individuals who run scams on low-information voters, and who have gotten rich doing it while calling themselves Christians but not living like Christians.

    That is a very beautiful region you live in. Thanks for the pic of the cemetery, and the tribute to our military. Most of all, thanks for Psalm 121. Those are words to live by. I pray for our president everyday. I pray that God leads, helps, and protects him from the evil that some would like to see befall him.

    • Well, the storage shed where I had it is in need of repair, so I had to move it out anyways. Which is when I decided that I’d be ruthless in pruning down the “stuff.”

      In terms of staying in Congress, if Weiner decides to, he’s in a relatively safe district, so he’s not going to go anywhere. In terms of continuing moving up in the Party, and remaining a spokesman? That’s gone. It’s going to be a few years before he can really do anything without provoking a hell of a lot of snickers and derision.

      • Fonsia

        I’m in the minority who thinks he ought to resign. Not because of what he did, or even because of the lies, but because he’s damaging the Democratic brand. Once he leaves the M$M leaves the story.

        Also too, if he stays he’s likely to be redistricted. If he goes, maybe that good blue district can survive (pure speculation).

        • The redistricting – NY is losing 2 seats – will mostly affect the upstate districts, not the NYC ones. 😦 Weiner is from the NYC region, which is the most overwhelmingly “Blue” area of the state. So even if he were to be redistricted out (unlikely), it’d still be a Democratic seat.

          This is why I was so livid about the low turn-out in the last election. It’s not the “big” elections that were the issue, it was the local elections. The Republicans regained control of the State Senate, so that puts a crimp on any lines being drawn that will benefit the Democrats upstate.

  2. ♥ quick post here. I’ve got two evacuated grandkiddos from Wallow fire smoke so not much time for reading diaries but yours was great here, as usual. We are all busy I think, but we will “meet and greet” as we can. Be well. ♥ ♥ & hearts; from one of your devoted fans.

    • Take care of yourself. I’ve been watching the fire reports there, and having been near one of those (Missionary Ridge) in the past, it’s not a good thing. I hope your grandkiddos can return home soon.

  3. I agree that giving Brietbart even the slimmest patina of credibility is excruciating. For that alone Weiner should be castigated.

    Every time Sarah Palin does a stupid thing I think about how John McCain was willing to put her within a heartbeat of the presidency because he liked her legs. That should be considered treason.

    And thank you for the Bachmann photo in front of the capitol shot. Space needle indeed! What do you think about her new campaign mananger Ed Rollins claiming that “as long as you are going to vote for the attractive female why not vote for Bachmann?” … and he meant it!!

    • The demographic that both Palin and Bachmann “appeal” to is mainly the horny older males who like to fantasize about them, while not actually paying any attention to what they’re saying.

  4. Alan Scott

    When you got nothin else, you can always call Republicans stupid . That fact has never changed since I’ve followed politics .

    To get back to Weiner , we Republicans would love to see him stay and bleed all over the place for the next year and a half . But if I were you, I’d want him gone . He will never get back his credibility . His one great asset was his attack dog style . When he tries that again he will be laughed at as the kind of dog he resembles . I’m sure you must have plenty of young liberals warming the bench who don’t have a sex problem, and could take over the seat with out missing a beat .

    • Oh, I have a lot, so that’s not the reason. To me, stupid is when you keep making front-runners of people who have zero idea of what the Constitution says, yet claim they’re “defending it” and want to “restore it.” Stupid is when you can’t get basic economic facts right, and screw up on a continual basis. Stupid is when your “top politicians” continually lead in outright lies, as well as having no ideas for dealing with the modern wold. I might also point out the remarkable ability to deny basic scientific facts and even experts on their side when it comes to finance and taxation. So yes, I do call Republicans stupid. That they wallow in it just proves they like being dumb.

  5. Alan Scott

    Norbrook ,

    I can point out a lot of stupid things Democrats have done and said .We could trade those all day ,but let me leave you with this . As a Democrat once said , “It’s the economy , stupid ” . I could be a little off on my math and feel free to correct me if you have better figures , but I have on my own calculated the average unemployment rate under President Bush and so far under President Obama . Over eight years Bush averaged 5.3%. Over the last 29 months President Obama has averaged 9.3% .

    Blaming Bush for the economy got old after a year . For a moron Bush’s record is not horrible . For a smart guy, Obama’s record is . On my side we have called Barak Obama , the second term of Jimmy Carter . After Billions or Trillions of wasted money if Obama doesn’t do something brilliant , one of the stupid liars will take over for the smart liar . Yes we believe Obama is a liar .

    • Let me put it this way. The Republicans have been claiming for the past 30 years that tax cuts stimulate the economy, and would create jobs. Right now the tax rates are at their lowest level ever, thanks to Republicans insisting on keeping the Bush tax cuts, and it has not created any jobs or boom in the economy. In fact, it didn’t do it when Bush did it. Now, they want more cuts. You ever hear the definition of insanity?