Last week, we somehow missed The Rapture and the end of the world.

Now he’s saying it’s October 21’st.  Somehow I’m not concerned.

While I feel sorry for the people who not only believed it, but took it to extremes, I try to look on the bright side.

In other news, the Republicans who swept into office under the Tea Party banner have been learning something.  Whatever they’d thought the election was about, wasn’t what it was about.   When they were campaigning, they appeared in front of  friendly groups, who  ate up the rhetoric and gave them lots of pats on the back.  After a series of votes on the budget and “social issues”  they came home to meet with their constituents as Representatives  only to find their constituents weren’t happy with them at all.  Including  quite a few of the people who’d  voted them.  Some of them, like Allen West, reacted by closing their meetings and only allowing supporters into them.  Which of course, isn’t what an elected official is supposed to do.  Like it or not, the reality check is  that once elected you represent not only your supporters, but a lot of people who didn’t vote for you.   Which means that you no longer get to hide out with people who say the same things you do, you have to listen to people who don’t agree with you.   They’re finding that out the hard way, and my personal opinion is that some of them will decide that private life is a better fit for them in 2012.  Others will find out that they’re not going to have a choice in the matter.

Natural Born Citizenship has been covering the birthers for a long time, and the fun part is reading the coverage of Jerome Corsi.  Yes, he wrote a book, you see.  He was going to “show” how President Obama was “hiding” his “long form” birth certificate,  because it would show he wasn’t really born in this country, or something really scurrilous.   Corsi’s problem was that the President released his long form a month before his book came out, and now instead of having a big audience, he’s got a much smaller one of the people who are still clinging to the birther nonsense.  So he’s out there spinning away to try to make himself relevant.   All he’s doing is showing what many of us felt in the first place:  That the entire birther movement was based on a not-so-subtle racism, and those who still espouse it are pretty much showing themselves to be overtly racist.

While the Right has had a heaping dose of stupid to serve up to the American people over the past few months, that doesn’t mean that the extreme Left, the frustrati, aren’t busy with their own doses of stupid.  The People’s View talked about the “New  Progressive Alliance.”   Yes, they’re terribly disappointed with the President, and are going to primary him!  Finding a candidate willing to do so is proving difficult, so they went on Craiglist to advertise for one.  I kid you not.   Political reality hasn’t been their strong suit, and it’s becoming clear that just plain reality isn’t one either.

In addition to them, you have people like Glenn Greenwald, Jane Hamsher, Adam Green, and Chris Hedges running around proclaiming the “true gospel” of progressive thought, which amazingly enough sounds just like the discredited crap that was spouted decades ago by various anarchists and Communists.  The only difference is that the previous generation had a pretty thorough understanding of the underlying philosophies behind their stances, having actually read Das Kapital and other books.   The new group apparently just read the abridged Cliff Notes version, if that, and regurgitates it.  It is … interesting … at how all their actions to “rally” people to their cause involve getting money from those people.  It hasn’t been particularly effective at advancing their agenda.

Just my personal opinion, these people are scared to death.  They made their reputations during the Bush years, and now they’re trying to remain relevant.  After 2012, they won’t be, just as many of the Tea Party won’t be.   Progress will continue to be made, slowly.   They may have had some temporary success in blocking things, but after the record so far, they’ll just be in the way.



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3 responses to “Monday!

  1. Aquagranny911

    Great diary ♥

    The way I see it is that the Repugs went “all in” before the River cards fell and PBO, Pelosi and Reid ate all their chips. So sad, too bad, & don’t play poker with PBO!

    We do have to keep an awareness that a cornered animal can become vicious but these people will have to own what they are doing. They can run but they really can’t hide.

    • Nathan Katungi

      I agree: “Great diary!” Also great comment aquagranny!

    • They really deluded themselves that they had a “mandate” to make sweeping cuts in the budget and for their “program.” Which is when they learned the first rule of skydiving: Don’t jump until you’re sure you’re wearing a parachute.

      I find the extreme Left just as delusional. They keep thinking they really, really have political power.