Funny, but I’m still here.

According to one man,  Harold Camping, today was supposed to be the end of the world.

The apocalypse will strike, Camping teaches, on May 21, wherever it happens to be 6 p.m. That means it will be Friday night in America when what Camping calls “super terrible” earthquakes will hit the New Zealand region.

The earthquakes will then roll on, time zone by time zone. The saved, perhaps 2% to 3% of the world population, will be whisked to God, while the rest will be obliterated in what he calls “a super horror story.”

It’s now just after 6 PM here, and the earth has remained remarkably stable.   The worst thing today was the series of thunderstorms which rolled through here, leaving me very wet as I made my way back in to shelter.    Matter of fact,  New Zealand and other areas which were supposed to be hit first have also not been experiencing any earthquakes.   All of which means one thing.  I have to go to work tomorrow and finish up all the field reports due on Monday.

It’s not that I really expected it to happen.  Seriously, there have been so many “end of the world” predictions made, all of them wrong, that I’m inured to them.  I find them funny, except for a brief moment of pity for the people who not only believed it, but went off the deep end about it and did something like sell off everything they own to “get ready.”  The man who made this prediction already has a record for being wrong.  He’s predicted the end of the world before, and no, it didn’t happen then either!   But that sort of record never seems to matter to people.

Even though I knew that, and made my plans around the fact that the world wasn’t going to end, there’s that little part of me that thought wistfully that if the world ended, I’d have a terrific excuse for not getting the reports done.  But,  here I sit writing a blog on a day that the world was supposed to end, and I’m still here.   The sun is back out, the earth has not quaked, and I still have to go to work tomorrow.  Darn it!



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8 responses to “Funny, but I’m still here.

  1. Nurse Kelley

    Not so fast there, Norbrook. The dk Weatherdude just said a small earthquake has been reported in New Zealand. We’re doomed, I tell ya, doomed!

  2. Aquagranny911

    ♥ Kiddo. I would have been so sad if that Rapture Wave took you away. It hasn’t quite hit where I live yet but as a “terrible sinner” I do know that I will be “Left Behind” so I’m glad to know that I will be in good company.

    • I wasn’t planning on being swept up, but the “super terrible earthquakes” would have made a good excuse. “Yes, I wanted to get those reports done, but the power lines were down due to the earthquakes. “

      • Aquagranny911

        SIGH, yes, I am still here too. Just a thought but maybe you could tell them: not that dog ate your home work, (way over used) but somehow it got raptured as you were working. You could say you tried desperately to grab it as it floated up….

        I’m sure you will finish the work and probably could think of lots better excuses than mine ♥ Norbrook rest well.

  3. g

    For we Yankee fans, it most certainly IS End of World Days, LOL! Sorry you have to work Sundays, NB.

  4. Alan Scott

    Norbrook ,

    The other night in my small Pennsylvania town I thought it was the rapture . We had some straight line winds come through just after dark and my power, along with others was taken out by an act of God . Instead of Velocirapture , it was timberapture . We are generally protected by our topography from such events . Large trees on power lines and cars . Most of the worst is over , but if you have a truck and a chainsaw you can still get plenty of firewood .

    • The same system moved north, and did a lot of damage down to the south and east of us, but we just caught the fringes. The firewood offer is tempting, but it’s illegal to move untreated wood into the state. 😆