Moonday Furbutts & Featherbutts

Those of you who already either know me or know of me know that I am a massive pootie person. We have just moved into an apartment and do not have a pootie yet; however I grew up with both cats & dogs and I love both. I do not discriminate against any animal & love animal photos of all kinds. Please enjoy the following and add any photos that you think the community would like to see. Now, enjoy the photos & have some fun.

And, naturally, we must include a photo of our beloved Stanley.

And Peeps

And back to normal programming:

I would like to thank the ICHC website for the majority of these photos.



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17 responses to “Moonday Furbutts & Featherbutts

  1. triciawyse

    Leave it to me to forget a title…Furbutts & Featherbutts would have been the title if I had remembered to add that first.

  2. overseasgranny

    Those numbers just make it a little more like sekrit army. How sekrit? Very sekrit.

    • triciawyse

      This is true. Although, I am not one who posts #SekritArmy, I definitely agree completely.

  3. trs

    Hey, Tricia – great to see the diary here. Lets me see it without the drama. My two latest photos of Gaffer – taken last Saturday (a rare sunny day around here):
    Gaffer enjoying the sun by trs63,

    Gaffer enjoying the sun
    Gaffer looking out window by trs63, on Flickr

    Gaffer looking out window

    • triciawyse

      Thanks so much. I am thrilled to see you, too.

      • trs

        How do you post photos here? I tried and failed.

        • Only the blog owner (me) or triciawyse can post photos in the comments. I can edit your comment to insert the pictures, as long as I have the links. 🙂 I also see that Flickr, for whatever reason, isn’t allowing them to show up here. 😦

    • Aquagranny911

      By George, I think he’s got it!

      Great pics of Gaffer. Thanks for sharing here. I have missed you, trs.

  4. Aquagranny911

    Hi Triciawyse!
    and trs so great to see you here. I’ve been meaning to ask Norbrook that same question. I also have some pics I would like to post.

    Tricia, that squirrel on the head guy made me laugh so hard. ♥

  5. Norbrook, what about photobucket? I’ve got most of my cat pics there.

    Photobucket should work, at least, it has in the past. I don’t know what’s going on with Flickr, but when I did what I normally do for inserting a photo, WordPress didn’t like it.
    One of the downsides of WordPress – and it’s the software itself, not just, is that you can’t do photos in the comments, unless you’re an administrator or author. I’ve had the same issue on every blog that uses the WP software.

  6. Aquagranny911

    just testing

    Sigh didn’t work. Oh well, I will just enjoy the pics of other cats ♥

    • If you leave the link to the photo in the comment, I should be able to edit the picture in. I should warn everyone though, that I’m not going to be near a computer for most of the day for a while.

      • triciawyse

        If you need to, just shoot me an email and let me know when you have some photos that need posting along with the details and I can do it for you. I am usually online anyway.