Saturday Musings and Administrivia

It’s been a very eventful week.    President Obama released his long-form birth certificate, and the birthers went nuts.  I’ve followed them for a long time now, much longer than I ever wanted to follow them – or thought they’d last – and what was evident to me early on is now clear to everyone with a  brain:  This was about race.  Not only that, the ones who are continuing with it, and yes, there are quite a number, are just demonstrating that they’re unrepentant racists.  They can come up with any excuse, and they are, but that’s what it is.

I’d also like to officially welcome the newest author here, triciawyse.  She’s the one doing the “pootie & woozle” diaries here, and yes, she can do other things as well. 🙂  I’ve been trying to persuade her here for a while, and I’m extremely happy she’s decided to dip her toes into the waters outside of the GOS.

The other news – there’s been a lot of natural disasters recently.  Tornadoes and flooding in the South and Midwest.  Here, we’re dealing with our own.  I’ve mentioned that there’s been a lot of snow this winter, and spring was not happening.  Some  nit-pickers might even say I bitched constantly about it.    In normal years, we get warming in March, and usually by the first week of April, the only snow that’s left on the ground is a few patches in the woods and various snow banks that were where the plows dumped snow.  Every now and then, we have a delayed spring, and it takes longer for the snow to go out.   The snow melt causes the lakes and streams to rise, but in terms of  “flooding,” there isn’t much if any, even in heavy snowfall years.

This year was different.  Besides having a very heavy snowfall this year, the delayed spring meant that last weekend, there was still a lot of snow left on the ground.  Then we got the major rainstorms which have been causing problems elsewhere in the country.  Warm weather and several inches of rain.  Which melted all of the snow as well.  The result?  Record flooding.  The Hudson River was a foot and a half over the previous record height.  Places here that have never had to worry about it are now getting water damage.  Roads have been closed, bridges damaged, wash-outs, and all that water is eventually going to be causing problems elsewhere.  The good news is that no one was injured or killed.  It’s going to be a while cleaning up the damage, though.

A blogging note – you may have noticed that I’ve been a little scarce around here and elsewhere.   For the next few months, that’s going to be continuing.  It’s nothing disastrous, or a case of “blogging burnout.”   It’s just a function of my professional and personal life.  During  “good weather” – or rather, when it’s “not winter” – my work takes me away from computers for fairly long stretches.  Add in the family visits when they come up here for summer vacations, and it means my time to sit down,  analyze, and write a blog post shrinks to virtually zero.    On a priority list, it drops way down as well, as I generally value “sleeping and eating” over that during these periods.    So if you don’t see me for a week or two here and there, it’s just that I’m off doing something else.



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2 responses to “Saturday Musings and Administrivia

  1. triciawyse

    Thanks so much for the warm welcome. I wasn’t sure about your scheduling & I didn’t want to be stepping on your toes, which was why I didn’t post this weekend at all; however I will be, with your permission, of course, cross-posting my pootie diaries here as well, for those who have forsaken the GOS.

  2. Dorothy Rissman

    tricia, glad you are on board. dr