Monday and Other Musings

It’s another Monday, and the weather is not Spring-like.  More like Winter, at least from the snow, freezing rain, and slush that has apparently appeared overnight.

Let’s see, I already wrote about the problems with the Professional Left and the frustrati

So I guess it’s the Republicans turn.   Donald Trump is making noises about running for President

which is drawing some mixed reactions from various Party leaders

and Michele Bachmann is talking about running, making appearances to demonstrate her keen grasp of the issues

while Sarah Palin still thinks she’s relevant

In the meantime, Republicans unveiled their plans for Social Security and Medicare

which the electorate wasn’t too thrilled by

Even though it was something we already knew the Republicans were after

Then they spent the weekend complaining that the President was mean to them.   After all, why wasn’t he being reasonable?

But Democrats will still be polite

Because we know what the Tea Party and Republican ideas really mean.  So, we’re getting an attitude about it

not that we’re up to anything.  Really!



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4 responses to “Monday and Other Musings

  1. Ha ha ha. “When I want your opinion, I’ll read it in your entrails”.

    Cold, Norbrook. Very cold 😀

  2. Aquagranny911

    I’m late to this diary but you feed my “pootie” need now that I have given up my own cats and can’t have any more in my house, however……

    “When I want your opinion I will read it in your entrails” That cat and the comment could have been one of my own in the past. Hubby used to joke: “Shut the bedroom door or she will suck out our breath while we sleep.” Thanks you so much for the LOLs ♥