Another Monday post

Every Sunday, I think the same thing

but unfortunately, the answer is no, so…

Coffee helps, though.

And I’m ready to start the daily battles

The Republicans keep talking about budget changes

Along with getting upset about public broadcasting.  Which had some predictable responses

as they’re finding out the hard way

and the electorate is waking up to the realities of what the Republican programs mean,

It’s going to get interesting.  Ah well, time to wrap this up.



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6 responses to “Another Monday post

  1. sjterrid

    Thanks for making me laugh. I loved the post of the cat with the mouse.

  2. majii

    Very neat! Love the message, Norbrook!!

  3. Dorothy Rissman

    Thanks Norbrook. You always make me laugh. Well, not really. I love your serious side also.

  4. Eeek! All your photos are gone!! Bring them back, please.