Just some cool stuff I found

One of the great things you get from Twitter, Digg, or other social networking sites is links to things that aren’t serious, informative, the world is in trouble stuff, although you get that too. Sometimes, it’s just things that make you go “Wow, that’s neat!”    Maybe it’s a little weird, maybe it’s a little heartwarming, and sometimes, it’s just jawdropping.  So, here’s a few of them.

Did you know that WETA  – which did the makeup for films like Lord Of The Rings, also does medical prosthetics?  In this case, they did something really great – a mermaid’s tail.

This is art – “Sword Dance and Shadowgraph,” a performance by Taichi Satome

This is just a great Star Wars reference.

and a LOLPicture I couldn’t figure out anywhere else to put

And this really interesting news item:  University of Rhode Island scientist discovers 54 beneficial compounds in maple syrup.

URI team has now isolated and identified 54 beneficial compounds in pure maple syrup from Quebec, five of which have never been seen in nature.

“I continue to say that nature is the best chemist, and that maple syrup is becoming a champion food when it comes to the number and variety of beneficial compounds found in it,” Seeram said. “It’s important to note that in our laboratory research we found that several of these compounds possess anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, which have been shown to fight cancer, diabetes and bacterial illnesses.”

Which is good news for those of us who love real maple syrup, instead of the crap that gets passed off as “real maple-flavored pancake syrup.”    No, it doesn’t taste anything like real maple syrup.



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4 responses to “Just some cool stuff I found

  1. Awesome! I always wonder how those things are done.

  2. sjterrid

    Thank you for posting these here. The story about that woman getting that “mermaid” prosthetic from WETA was incredible.

  3. Aquagranny911

    Fascinating, Norbrook. I was most interested in the Mermaid clip. I have sent it on to my niece who is also a double amputee. Thank you for this diary I really enjoyed it.

    • You’re welcome. 🙂 I thought it was a great story myself, and a good demonstration of the “nerd mentality” at work. It’s one of those “I have a somewhat crazy idea” things to which someone else goes “hey, that’s interesting, let’s do it.” The “we’re learning quite a bit from this which we can use..” line is something that you’ll often hear – it mainly means “we’d have done it anyway, because it’s neat!” 😆