Friday!!! At Last!

The week didn’t start off well, as the “First Day of Spring,” instead of being a warm, sunny day was instead “winter storm warning” and 3 inches of snow.

Which set the my mood for the week. The next day I decided to examine the Professional Left and the Frustrati, much to their dismay.

Look, I warned them.

But after a while, it got to be too much

and it was time to do some straight shooting

In the hopes that they’ll do some reflection on their actions

Even though I don’t think they’ll take it, I do know that

Hope springs eternal after all.

Ah yes.  What about the Republicans?



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7 responses to “Friday!!! At Last!

  1. Sadly, we are next. 😉

    Thanks Norbrook.

  2. Aquagranny911

    TGIF, Norbrook! I hope your weekend will be better but your diaries this week have been great regardless of how you came to be so inspired. I really do appreciate your “pootie” animal diaries. They always make me smile.

    As to your last statement about the Repubs, I’m starting to see some real push back against the worst ones here in AZ from folks not ordinarily engaged in politics. I have heard “Enough!” from more than one person. Some didn’t even bother to vote last fall and now they are really regretting that.

    • Well, the “you’re next” was me saying that I’m going to be going after them next. 😀 I already have, over at BWN. Here, I’m not going to be so polite about it. 😉

      • gc

        Can’t wait! Have a good weekend my friend. BTW – I was “cleared” the other day. Going back to work. Now, what was it I did for a living????

      • Aquagranny911

        Bring it on! I can’t wait to see what you will say. You have been on fire lately. Let’s hunt the Repugnants down with the fact hounds and bring them to tree, lol. ♥

  3. Observerinvancouver

    Glad I checked in and found your pootie pics today. I still miss you at you-know-where. 🙂

    • Glad to see you here! I do P&W posts every now and then, just to keep my hand in. As to the other place, well, I’m long-gone out of there, and somehow (call it a hunch) I don’t think they’d like my returning. 😉