First Day Of Spring!

Today is officially the first day of spring!

Warmer days, the start of greening, the fading of the long winter

So when I looked out this morning, the first thing I thought was…

OK,  try to be cheerful and think happy thoughts…

Nope.  Not working.


So much for spring.  And it’s Monday too.



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6 responses to “First Day Of Spring!

  1. I shouldn’t giggle because this is supposed to be about grumpiness. So I’ll just sit quietly with this What Could She Possibly Have To Smile About look on my face….

  2. Ha ha ha. That Monday poster is great. Wonder how that car got tipped over on it’s side?

    By the way, that protest sign did NOT come from Madison WI. We are more than a little upset. 😉

  3. Aquagranny911

    ♥ Norbrook. In like a lion, out like a lamb…that’s what some say about the first day of Spring.

    • (sigh) They’re predicting snow for the next week. So far, we’ve had about 2.5 inches, and it’s still “scattered.” Add in that the Internet connections for the area went down for about 3 hours, and yes, it’s definitely not one of those “happy days.”

      • Aquagranny911

        Ah, Kiddo I’m sorry. I have a small lol I will share and I wish I had some pics or video. Years ago we had a part Siamese cat, very vocal and totally in charge of his human minions. His first winter and first experience of snow was when we moved to Massachusetts from Arizona.

        On the morning of his first snow, he marched to the front door as usual with his demands to be let outside for his needs. I opened the door and he recoiled in horror at that white stuff on the ground and in shock at what was still coming down rather heavily.
        He voiced his displeasure in no uncertain terms and then marched to the back door, demanding to go outside. I think he almost fainted when he saw that the same thing was happening there too.
        He turned on me and I got the worst kitty tongue lashing I’ve ever heard because he thought it was all my fault.

        This cat learned to eventually like snow and even ride a sled with my children. Go figure. I hope you got a small laugh from this story. Keep warm.

        • LOL! Back when I had my show kennel, we had a year where we got a major blizzard. I had to get out first thing and shovel a path down to the exercise yard, then shovel enough of the yard for the dogs to do their business. Normally, I walked them down to the yard on leashes, but that day, I just opened the door and let them go. One of them decided to make a break for what he thought was “freedom”, and took a leap off the path. And there he stayed, looking very much disgruntled at being unable to move in the 4′ of snow he’d just landed in.