Another Caturday

Yeah, yeah, I know.  Inappropriate language

But you see, it’s like this:

Hopefully everyone has recovered from any St. Patrick’s Day celebrations

It’s been a long week and I’m still waking up

Ah well, let’s see.  The disaster in Japan is still going on, nuclear reactor problems, bad weather, aftershocks, and stories of homelessness, lack of of food and shelter.  The right wing demonstrated their notion of “compassion.”

In domestic news, people are realizing just what the Tea Party is trying to do

and are having a reaction to it, not just in Wisconsin but other states

because they’re not pleased with the Tea Party governors

It turns out that

which doesn’t bode well for the Republicans

Oh, and another announcement:  The hiatus is over.



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5 responses to “Another Caturday

  1. overseasgranny

    Pleased you are back. Stole that Wisconsin pic and sent it on its way to a Wisconsin teacher. Thanks!

  2. Aquagranny911

    Happy Caterday, Kiddo, great diary. I do love the “pooties” and any other critters. Good news from AZ, those immigration bills all went down this week. Some Repubs crossed over and voted with our out numbered Dems to “kill the bills” Happy dance! ♥

  3. Wah hoo, you’re back!! Welcome back, Norbrook.

    Seems like ceiling cat has been learning Republican tricks … I think that might be like a wolf in sheeps clothing.

    • Well, considering this is my 4’th blog post this week (2 here and 2 at BWN), my “hiatus” has been more “I’m not doing constant blog posts all over the Internet.” 😀

      I am going to be a bit more sporadic than in the past, and as the weather improves I’m likely to be away a lot more – my work takes me away from the computer a lot during the nice weather times. Not that I really complain about that. 😉