It’s Monday and I’m still on Hiatus

Yes, I know, I’m still on hiatus, but it’s another Monday, and after this weekend I have one question:

Republicans announced their new budget cut demands, and offered suggestions to cushion the blow

among them there are cuts planned for NOAA, because we don’t need disaster warnings

Michelle Bachmann gave a speech in New Hampshire

While in Wisconsin, people are finding out that certain Republican legislators are hypocrites

And of course, the news out of Japan

which makes you realize just how fragile things are in this world

But that doesn’t mean I can’t be distracted



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2 responses to “It’s Monday and I’m still on Hiatus

  1. overseasgranny

    Now that is the way to present the news! That sloth has such a pretty face but really needs to go to a nail studio for those too long nails. If she is going to keep them that long, they need to be jazzed up a bit.

  2. Thanks for the chuckles, Norbrook. Whenever I go on hiatus I stop in and post comments anyway and I am reminded of the country western song “How can we miss you if you never really go away?”. 😉