It’s been a busy day

Today is supposed to be a holiday!  It’s not supposed to be busy!  We all know that this

The right is suddenly scrambling to figure out what to say about the Arab countries changing governments, and what to do about the resurgence of unions

Governor Walker in Wisconsin is finding out that he’s not popular

because his plans don’t seem to be working out the way he thought

At any rate, it’s cold, it snowing,

and I’ve had quite enough of winter.

Oh well, spring will eventually get here, and we should remember the important lesson

so there’s no use getting hot and bothered about it.



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6 responses to “It’s been a busy day

  1. Dorothy Rissman

    The “snow man” is amazing. Thanks for the laughs. With so much crap going on, it is hard to be hopeful. Your humor lightens the load for many of us.

  2. Thanks for the laughs Norbrook!

  3. It’s always that last bit of winter that is hard to deal with.

  4. sjterrid

    Thanks for the laughs.