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Well, now that CPAC is over and the House Republicans have announced some of their proposed cuts, what they’re after is increasingly clear.  They want the US to be just like Nigeria.  Mostly poor, malnourished, poorly-educated, and living in a toxic wasteland.   But it’s all good if you’re wealthy and in power.

Watching various state legislators trying to prove how much they “respect” the Second Amendment by passing inane gun laws makes me want them to take it to the max.  I want them to pass a requirement that all state legislators must carry a gun while in the legislative chambers, that there be a rule of “fair shooting”,  since both sides were armed, and no charges will ever be filed.    Either they’ll learn to be civil and compromise, or they’ll be weeded out in a hurry.  Either way, it’d be a win-win for the electorate.

Watching the Republicans rant about the budget crisis is like watching arsonists scream about an outbreak of fires.  In  both cases, they created the problem they’re complaining about.

Donald Trump is talking about running for President.  He’s in for a rude shock when he finds out that he can’t tell people “you’re fired,” because politics doesn’t work that way.  Being a governor or a President is not the same thing as running a company, despite various people’s idea that it is.

It’s understandable why Republican’s want education funding cut.  That’s where they get most of their voters, and now they’re thinking long-term.  After all, 46% of Republicans thought the President is a Muslim, despite abundant evidence to the contrary.      It’s getting harder and harder to persuade myself that they really aren’t going down the path of becoming the Insane Bigot’s Party when I read articles like this.

OK, this makes me laugh – it turns out that the Tea Party Patriots, which have been busily raising funds and claiming to be an umbrella group aren’t exactly happy to have their finances questioned.  But their leaders are making some serious money and living large.   It must have been nice for the leaders to find so many suckers willing to pony up.

In the “people never remember history” category, it was just a few years ago that Republicans were holding up Ireland as a model.  Low business taxes, little regulation, a budget surplus, and lots of economic activity.  Now they’re claiming it was wild spending that caused its economy to collapse.  Well, not quite – it turns out that their banks were:

Left alone in a dark room with a pile of money, the Irish decided what they really wanted to do with it was to buy Ireland. From one another. An Irish economist named Morgan Kelly, whose estimates of Irish bank losses have been the most prescient, made a back-of-the-envelope calculation that puts the losses of all Irish banks at roughly 106 billion euros. (Think $10 trillion.) At the rate money currently flows into the Irish treasury, Irish bank losses alone would absorb every penny of Irish taxes for at least the next three years.

In other words, the government let them have a free hand playing with money, didn’t pay attention, and they went off and screwed up, taking the entire economy down with it.  Government overspending had nothing to do with it.

Quickest fact check for anything Republicans say:  If Michele Bachmann said it or repeats it, it’s false.    She’s reached the stage where if she said the Sun is going to rise in the East tomorrow morning, I’d be up before dawn with a compass, and not surprised at all if it rose in the West.

It’s really stupid for the people who claim to be “patriots” and “real Americans” to advocate secession, creating their own money, and forget that many of their ancestors were as welcome as fleas on a dog when they arrived here.

I found a picture that explains why I stay away from various sites inhabited by the frustrati and the teapublicans:



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7 responses to “Random observations and thoughts

  1. overseasgranny

    The Irish bank losses are far higher. They owe the Irish Central Bank and the EU Central bank more like 154 billion Euro and that is not the final figure, and you can easily add another 10-15 billion on there. The banks took down the economy and bankrupted the country. 50,000 college grads are emigrating out each year because there are no jobs in Ireland for them. Even the blind have had their pensions cut this year and the pain won’t be over until maybe 2017. NEVER let any bank go unregulated and put in laws to force administrations to save part of each year’s taxes for the rainy days. Stupidity, corruption and lack of regulation did this to Ireland.

    • Ireland is a model of what happens when you don’t pay attention – and properly regulate – your banks. What I find amazing is that the Republicans willfully deny that aspect, and instead try to lump it into the same category as Greece. Amazing ability to “forget” that it was just three years ago they were all holding up Ireland as a model.

  2. overseasgranny

    Oh, the government was paying attention…to their developer buddies who were taking out loans they could never repay when the property bubble, of which the government was well aware, broke. One party. In government. Too long.

  3. g

    I would like thm all to spend a night in their local “knife and gun club.” (inner city ER’s) Guns main. Guns kill. Guns destroy families.

    And yes, I understand the siuation in the inner city (we are near Hartford) are more complex, but guns are everywhere there. I have subbed for kids who are never allowed out of their homes after the school busses drop them off. And from the PARTY, how brave would be the talk of the TP if they weren’t picturing or fondling their “weapons.”

    • I’ve found that most of them have a fantasy of what they’d do in any situation involving guns, which is not what the reality is. If someone has the drop on you, going for your concealed weapon simply gets you shot. In a chaotic situation, correctly identifying the “bad guy” and effectively engaging them with your gun is virtually impossible. The more likely result is that you’ll shoot at least one innocent person, and if you’re very lucky, the police won’t gun you down when they arrive. They’ve watched too many movies and televisions shows, and have an exaggerated opinion of their own abilities. That’s why I said what I did. I wonder just how “tough” they’d be if they were made to carry a pistol inside the legislative chambers and told “yes, you are allowed to shoot each other.”

  4. Aquagranny911

    Great rant Norbrook and the cat in your pic said it all for me: “shit splatters” ROTFLOL!

    • Thanks. 🙂 I’ve said it before, but I find it more than a little hypocritical of the Republicans and the Tea Party groups to start “worrying” about the deficit, while they spent 8 years busily increasing it and reducing revenues. Their solution seems to be “hey, this fire is getting out of hand, let’s chuck a few gallons of gas on it, and see if that puts it out!”