Valentine’s Day!

Today is Valentine’s day, a day when we celebrate romance and love

When you give flowers to your loved one

and take them for romantic dinners

Some have unrealistic expectations for the day

with bad results

but most of the time, we hope for

because we believe that

and that despite the unexpected things that can happen

we know that

Happy Valentine’s Day!



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15 responses to “Valentine’s Day!

  1. One … two … three….


    So cute. Thank you, Norbrook

  2. J Brunner fan

    Awesome Norbrook!

  3. Ha. “I didn’t know we had a kid”. Love it!

  4. glendaw271

    That was great, Norbrook.

  5. And a Valentine’s Day heart back to you!

  6. triciawyse

    Amazing job, sweetie. I am thankful that you did it. I will definitely be giving you some extra traction on it.

  7. trs

    Great one, Norbrook! Happy Valentine’s Day from me, iriti, Kidlet, Gaffer, Lydia, Smokey, Kallie, and Pickles.

  8. g

    Thank you so much, Norbrook. As you know this is a rough time for me, so here’s a shout out to S who has been there every step of the way.

  9. sjterrid

    They are all so cute, but my favorite is a match made in heben. Happy valentines day.

  10. Aquagranny911

    ♥ ♥ ♥ Norbrook

    I hope you are enjoying the day with the one(s) you love.

  11. Bobfr

    We can always count on you to bring soothing joy to our lives. Thank you Norbrook!